Saturday, January 17, 2009

Monster Blog!!

I know I've written some long blogs in the past, but it's been a while since I've blogged so I have to catch up. First of all, I promised a blog dedicated to our dear friends Roy and Angie. When I first moved up to Orem to go to college I worked at Golden Corral, where I met Roy and Angie. They were pretty much the only sane people there, so we got along really well. Angie is the sweetest, and Roy... Sometimes I think of him as like, my uncle... I know that's weird... he'll probably make fun of me for that. Anyway, when I met Steve, Roy had to approve of him, so one day Steve came to pick me up from work, and we drove past Roy and Angie and stopped to talk for a second in passing. It was love at first sight. They had a mutual love of Dane Cooks comedic stylings. Since then Roy's man crush has grown.. mostly due to Steve's ability to woo just about anybody with his mad acoustic guitar skills! And since Steve can't resist a giant (and by that I mean tall...) bald (and by that I mean really short white blonde hair...) teddy bear... we pretty much hang out with them whenever we can! Over Christmas when we were driving down to St. George, and they were driving up to Orem, and we were going to miss their whole visit, we had to find some point along the route where we would cross paths, stop and hang out for a bit in some gas station. On our way there we didn't get to stop, however we were on the phone with them when we crossed eachother on the road... which was pretty coincidental... guess you had to be there... On our way back up and on their way back down, we got to stop in a little town called Toquerville... which Steve and Roy got a kick out of. It was such a momentous and memorable occasion, we decided to take a picture!!

They were able to come up for Lilly's blessing, and Roy was in our circle... He was very ticked off I didn't put this picture in the blog about her blessing... So here it is!

We also had the pleasure of spending the last night of the year with them! We went to first night and had a blast! We got there, stood in line for ice skating for about 5 minutes, but decided we didn't want to wait forever. We walked SEVERAL blocks to the Gateway mall (thanks Roy...) ate at the California Pizza Kitchen, which was delicious!

Then we took Trax back to the Gallivan center where we enjoyed...(endured??) endless amounts of Reggae music, sliding on ice, freezing cold, Fireworks, and our first New Years kiss.

I know this sounds like something we probably got a baby sitter for, but we didn't. Lilly was with us the whole time! And she slept the entire time! Yeah... even during the ridiculously loud fireworks! Anyway.. It was a blast! We love you Roy and Angie!!

Since then, the most exciting thing that has happened is COUSINS!! Lilly got to spend time with all but 3 cousins this year! When we went to California, Lilly got to meet Annalise.
On New Years Day, we went up and spent time with Noah, Wyatt, and Mason. Mason was entranced!! He LOVED Lilly! He held her hand, patted her on the head, and even kissed her cheek!

Lilly will have another cousin very soon! My sister is expecting a baby girl anytime now. Yay for a Girl!!

Then this last weekend, Heather and Brandon brought their son up for Dave (cousin) 's wedding open house! They were adorable!! We made them hold hands, but they liked it!

Corinn, I hope we get to see you soon! Lilly can't wait to meet you and her other cousins!
Last of all, I chopped my hair off... completely.. gone... bald... well, no not really bald, but definitly boyish... I went to my Father-in-laws cousin and told him he could do whatever he wanted. You give a man that much say in your hair and it's scary what they do. The cut is actually a nice cut, I just have to get used to it... I've never had this short of hair before. Ha... when he first styled it, it looked like I had a mushroom head, but I'm getting used to it a little bit more now! Honestly, I hated it at first, and it's still not my favorite thing, so don't be afraid to be honest... really it won't hurt my feelings... I hate it when people tell me something looks good and it's horrible! I had that happen once. I wanted to be a red head and I went to a hair school and my head turned out to be three distinct stripes of bright red, auburn and dark brown. Every single student came and told me how gorgeous my hair was... bull. Anyway, that's the end of my monster blog... hope it wasn't torture!

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