Tuesday, May 26, 2009

FCDA's Concert

FCDA had our spring concert on May 20th. It was CRAZY!!! The date of the show changed a few times, and so we didn't get to have a dress rehearsal in the covey center before the girls performed. It was pretty crazy, but very good! My classes did a very condensed version of Sleeping Beauty... I always love doing these short little ballets cause it's not just about the technique... I like to see the girls acting! They laugh about it in class, but on stage they actually do a really good job! We did our first pas de duex, which turned out pretty good once Sammy got over dancing with a boy! Kirk did our prince and he did a great job because he's a ballroom dancer... it helped a lot cause he had good rythem and good posture! The only bad part was the finale... we only got to run in a few times all together so there was a little hesitation on the cues, and there were some costume hang ups, and just some timing issues, but really it was just the ending... everything else went very smoothly and I was very proud of my girls!!

So Steve and Lilly made their debut on stage! Steve and I played the King and Queen and Lilly played the baby Aurora! Steve and Lilly were out in the audience and Steve thought it would be fine to let Lilly suck on the program, which was bright pink. Lilly's costume was a white onsie and a pink tutu... needless to say, her white onsie was no longer white... Which was ok...I kept her close to me on stage so it was just fine! Steve was really good on stage... he only had like 1 practice. Anyway, after their performance they were pretty tired!

I got to dance at the concert too... it was a lot of fun.. I haven't been on a stage performing for a long time, so it was kind of weird and a little unnerving, but it was a lot of fun!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Holy cow!

Ok so it's been a while. A lot is going on! First of all, Lilly is a crawling maniac now. She doesn't army crawl anymore, she is already crawling on her hands and knees. Blows my mind! I have a video of the first time she started crawling like that, but it's on my phone and I don't know how to get it off. About a week ago, she also started kneeling, which I didn't think would be very much harder, but it turns out when they start kneeling, they can pull EVERYTHING out and onto the floor! And not only that, but she figured out that if she kneels in her crib she can see out into the living room, so she has since learned how to keep herself awake and cry at us. It is seriously the saddest thing! She hardly ever sleeps... This is how it happened!
And yesterday, she decided that she could pull herself up to standing in her crib. And today she decided that she can pull herself up to standing just about anwhere something is the right height. Car seat, couch, tv stand, you name it... It is really cute though!! I can't believe how big she is, yet still so little! 7 months old and 14 lbs 13 oz. My little baby doll! This is a video of the 3rd time she stood up by herself.. Excuse the dripping wet from slobber onsie!

School is going pretty good! I'm so glad I went back! I'm learning so much! The first day wasn't so good... but progressively it's getting better! My knee hasn't hurt me one bit so let's hope that keeps up!

CDA had their concert today! It was REALLY good! All my dancers did such a good job! Makes me sad cause I love my girls! I'm gonna miss them so much! I made these tutus for them so enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back to school.. I got my lunch packed up, my shoes tied tight.. I hope I don't get in a fight...

A couple of days before I went back to school for my second year of college as a ballet major in 2006 I broke my knee really bad. I severed my ACL, and tore my medial meniscus. I had to have a nasty surgery and LOTS of physical therapy. I still went to school... sort of... but it's kinda hard to pass your dance classes when you can't dance. I got really bad grades and at the end of the year I decided that I needed some time off to recover from this injury. Since I got bad grades, I was uneligable for financial aid... which was a must for me to go to school.. so I just decided that when Steve was finished with his school and we were settled and had money and stuff, I would go back to school for something.. I didn't know what because I couldn't imagine me doing anything else besides dance... But I thought I would have time to figure that out. I got 2 jobs teaching dance which I LOVE with all my heart! I absolutely LOVE my students and I love watching them dance. However something inside me thought that my time was cut short.. I wasn't supposed to be done yet... I still had a lot left in me! My students will tell you that any opportunity I get to dance with them.. I take it.

About 3 weeks ago, I had a feeling, an impression, a thought... I really want to go back to school. A thousand thoughts filled my mind after that.. Theres no way I could actually dance like I used to, I'm a mom now, I'm too old, can my knee take it? And most of all... could I pay for it. I couldn't get this feeling out of my head that I needed to go back... I talked to Steve about it and we decided to pray. We both knelt down and prayed and Steve got the impression that as long as we still had plenty of family time it would be alright for me to go. So I called the financial aid department to see what we could do. They said that I needed a ton of letters, documentation, reccomendations, all sorts of things before the government would fund me again. So I went on a wild goose chase for like 2.5 weeks getting all sorts of papers and letters and stuff. I went to the financial aid office about 4 times, applied for financial aid, admission, and I registered. I just found out on Wednesday that they were going to give me another chance. I got financial aid, I'm registered for classes and I start on Wednesday...

This has all happened so fast... but I have such good feelings about this. I know that I'm not going to go on Wednesday and expect to be able to dance as well as I used to... I know it will take some work.. but I can do it! Steve isn't going to school this summer and he still works at night so Lilly will be with Daddy in the morning, and then we'll have some family time before Daddy goes to work. Then me and Lilly get to just hangout for the rest of the day! Whats really going to be crazy is the first few weeks cause I'll still be teaching until around the middle/end of may.. I'm gonna be crazy busy, but I have a wonderful husband who is going to pick up some of my slack... Anyway... I'm really excited!!

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