Thursday, March 26, 2009

6 Months

(The reason why I said "Turn it off" is because she was kind enough to look away from the camera to spit up all down the back of me!! )

Lillian went in for her 6 month appointment today!
-26 Inches: 64th percentile

-13 lbs 3 oz: 8th percentile

The doctor said she was healthy and fabulous... She's been eating baby food for a while now and sometimes she is very interested and sometimes she isn't. It always helps if I eat it with her though... so we only eat the things I can tolerate to put in my mouth! The doctore said I should give her a graham cracker once in a while with a sippy cup and a little bit of water. We tried it today, and I think that the graham cracker just got soggy and all over her pretty clothes... but she liked it! She couldn't quite figure out the sippy cup just yet, but she REALLY liked the water... but I've always known that... when she takes a bath she bends over to try to taste the water... yucky!!
She hasn't really started sitting up yet... she can by herself for a few seconds if there is something interesting in front of her, but then she falls over!! It's so much fun to see her growing up!!

Lillian has been rolling over like a crazy woman for some time now.. it's now her form of transportation. If I put her down I better make sure everything within a five foot radius is baby safe! She has started getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth... but usually she just plops down!

She's such a sweetheart!! We love her!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is what happens when I don't blog for a long time!

Ok... So this isn't necessarily a very wordy blog... but TONS of pictures... So have fun!

Emily - Lilly's own personal photographer - and one of my students from CDA took more pictures of Lilly and they are beautiful!!! She amazes me every time she does these!! Thanks Emily!

I got my haircut!! I have yet to take a good picture of it... but I LOVE it! Danielle Christiansen did it... and I would recommend you to her in a heart beat!! She has her own hair salon in the basement of her house and she is just so professional and she does an AMAZING job! Plus she's lot's of fun to chat with! Anyway, I went with the "Pink" hair cut cause I figured when am I ever going to be able to do this again? Why not... it's just hair and if I don't like it it will grow out! But I'm loving it!! It's so much fun... I can do so many things with it.. and at the same time I don't HAVE to do anything with it!

Front and Center dance went to competition this year and it was my first experience with a competition. I was very nervous!! I had 3 solo's that I choreographed this year and took to competition. Savanna did a really fun ballet solo. She competed against herself and won Gold!!Sophia did a beautiful solo to Romeo and Juliet and won 2nd place out of 4! So proud of her!! Lizzy competed her lyrical dance to Ben Folds "Luckiest" against 5 other dancers and got 1st place!!! I was so proud!!! I didn't get a picture with Sophia.. but we have another competition next weekend so I'll be sure to get one then.

On Saturday the teams competed. They all did such a good job!! I was so proud!! They all competed so many dances I don't remember what got what.. So I'll just tell you how they did with my dances. The Juniors competed Juliana Theory part 1 and they competed against themselves and they received High Silver! The Seniors competed Juliana Theory part 2 against themselves and they got Gold! So proud!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Will Post Soon!!!

Ok.. I know it's been FOREVER since I've posted... and I'm way too busy to post everything thats been going on lately cause I've been sewing tutu's NONSTOP for like two weeks!! It's been so much fun though, I love it!! I'll post pictures of my finished projects, my new haircut... which is amazing!!! I love it.... and also my little angel Lilly... to tide you over though, here is a picture of Lilly in her St. Patricks day tutu!!

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