Monday, August 9, 2010

Lilly's New Best Friend

Yesterday, we went up to Sandy to visit Steve's Grandma Stott.

Upon arrival, she gave us the option of paying 8 dollars to eat at her home (she lives in a retirement home and guests have to pay 8 bucks to eat there) or paying around the same and going out somewhere else, even though it was Sunday. I don't think it's breaking the Sabbath if your grandma asks you to... is it? Anyway, we let her take us out to Mimi's cafe and while we were there, she picked up a crayon and drew something for Lilly... instant best friends... Poor Grandma Stott couldn't eat her meal because Lilly was asking her to draw her a kitty cat, a doggie, a bunny, a flower... she loved Grandma Stott! It was so adorable to see her take to her so easily!

We went back to Grandma's apartment and Lilly loved it. We brought a bunch of books with us and again, Lilly wouldn't leave Grandma alone... she kept bringing books over to her and asking her to read them to her... oh it was so much fun to see... Thank you Grandma for letting us come visit! Love you!




Friday, August 6, 2010

Road work ahead....


Does it ever seem like this sign is stuck in front of your life...

personally, I don't think mine will ever go away... and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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