Monday, September 7, 2009

Out of my slump... I hope.

So lately I've been in kind of a slump as far as the food story goes. I was so unmotivated to cook and nothing sounded good. I have been way too lazy to plan out my meals and go grocery shopping so we have been watching our bank account balance plummit as we have been eating out a whole lot. I have been looking for a few recipes to get me out of my slump and NOTHING has worked... until this....

I found this book on someones blog and ran out IMMEDIATELY to buy it. I went grocery shopping right after and bought enough food for 4 meals.. but really more because we will have PLENTY leftover for freezing, and a few other things for breakfasts and lunches... essentially feeding our little family for more than a week, and spent $64. I'm SOO excited to start cooking! YAY!

I have lots to post about Lilly but I'm waiting till I can get some good videos... She is walking now, and has been for over 2 weeks, but the most she will take is like 6-7 steps and she won't do it for the camera... so keep a look out for that special post!

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