Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back to Normal

Lilly has been doing a lot better now. She (finally) went back to daycare yesterday and she was SOO excited to see all of her friends and Denise! We are so glad that we have good daycare! It's seriously priceless! They are like family to her!

I'm glad to be back to school full time too... I miss a lot when I'm not there 100% of the time. For example I caught that we were taking headshot pictures on Friday... but I didn't catch that it was going to be after rehearsal and I would need to plan for someone else to pick Lilly up from daycare. We only have 1 car right now cause Steve's car isn't starting. He got a ride home from work and I was going to pick her up from daycare when I was done with rehearsal.. but we didn't get out till 6:30.... ugh...

Anyway, we got our refund and have purchased our toys... We are currently enjoying Steve's toy, a 50 inch plasma screen tv (sigh.. roll eyes) and my toy is purchased and will grace our presence on Tuesday! Other than that we are paying off debt, and saving quite a bit as well! Just looking forward to another easy weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm getting ansty....

Remember when I said this. Well.. I lied to you. I did a lot more research and now.. I'm getting me one of these!

What's the difference you ask? It's about a thousand times better for only $100 more! It's brand spankin new... so new I can't get anyone to tell me when it will be released to the stores.. but I've heard rumors about it coming in on Friday... which is the exact day we should get our refund.. It's fate! I've been dying to get one of these and hopefully I will have one on Friday!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good Day

Lilly is doing better today! And she was in a good mood too.. probably because she didn't have to see a doctor today! She seems to be hungry more, but the only thing she will eat is soup and applesauce and little tiny bites of other things. She isn't coughing as much.. and she has a lot more energy, but she is still breathing fast. I didn't count today, but I'm guessing it's somewhere in the 50's. Anyway, it looks like we are getting better..and almost out of the woods! And I got to finally sleep last night! I still have plenty I need to catch up on, but oh... sleep is wonderful!

I love this I-get-my-daughter-all-day thing. She is such a sweetheart! She loves to sing songs to us, and she loves to read books to us, and she also loves to count things. She loves to point out noses and eyes and ears, and just in these last couple of days has started telling us when she goes pee-pee! She'll say pee pee and grab her diaper.. we were so surprised when she started doing that cause we haven't started any sort of potty training or really taught her anything about going to the bathroom!

Today I went back to school for a couple of classes.. Quite honestly it was nice to worry about something else for a couple of hours.. And to get some exercise. The next couple of days Steve needs to go to work so I'll be missing school which I'm not really happy about, but at least I get to spend it with my sweetheart!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Apologies for the ramblings...

I have a confession... I LOVE to stalk blogs... especially this last week or two I've been doing it more and more.
By the stalking is not creepy at all.. the blogs I follow are more professional than personal. (even though the professions they have have a lot to do with their personal life.. cooking, sewing, photography, design, crafts...) these people are more writers than anything...

I've done it in the past... but not a lot.. only when I was working on a craft or looking for a recipe.
A couple of weeks ago I was doing a LOT of research on finding the camera I wanted to buy. There is a lot of money going into this camera so I wanted to be sure I got what I wanted. I did research on all sorts of review websites and then I got into the photography forums and then I found my way into blogs. A lot of photographers have blogs and I have found myself looking at them whenever I'm on the computer.. Not only photography blogs, but there are furniture blogs and sewing blogs and cooking blogs that I love to read! I have several that I read but this one is my favorite.

I know it sounds like a big waste of time, but these women inspire me! I know I'm busy but I don't take that as an excuse to ditch out on my motherly and wifely duties...And in reality I love to cook, and to bake, and to sew, and I love to craft and make things. Reading these blogs and reading the stories they tell of their busy crazy lives gives me the confidence and the motivation to get into my own little apartment and make something beautiful... cookies, photos, a tutu for my girl, an organized closet.. whatever it may be.. but I have really been inspired to love what I have, and make the most of it.

I know this is a random post in the midst of my daughters sickness and everything, but this is why I bring this up. I stayed home from school today to be with my daughter, as did Steve. Normally, I would sit on the couch, and watch tv, and think of it as a break from my life, and not get anything done that would help my family.

But instead, today I made a giant pot of homemade chicken soup (without a recipe... I have it tucked away in the back of my head for such an occasion) baked chocolate chip cookies from scratch, as well as some muffins for breakfast the rest of the week WITH my daughter who LOVED watching me stir the mixes and helped me pour the ingredients in the bowls, helped Lilly draw a picture for daddy with a pencil, a blue marker, and some glitter pens (we really need some toddler crayons or markers or something, her hands are covered with the blue marker) did some laundry, and caught up on my dishes. Plus I looked up some plans for some things we will be needing in the near future...  (this does not mean I'm pregnant.. keep dreaming!) I think I'm going to make Steve build us an entertainment center... I'm too cheap to buy one and I think we'll love it so much more if we make it ourselves.. and I think it will be good for Steve to do some work with his hands! That and I'm looking into making/buying-if-making-is-too-hard slipcovers for our couches. Our space needs more color! And I found a way to get color on the walls without painting... here's a sample:

Only I don't think I'll do as many and they will probably be bigger so they have more of a wallpaper effect than a small picture effect. We'll see how it goes. I'll do pictures when/if I actually do them.

Anyway, I did all this stuff and I still had time to spend time sitting on the couch with Lilly watching Disney movies and just loving her like crazy!

And not only that but I had strength today. I'm sorry if this is weird (quick read of the quote on my header) I have been having a really hard time lately. Remember my crazy phobia... (if you don't know about it... look up the word emetophobia.. and that's me.. for real, I'm not exaggerating) well for the longest time I thought I had come really close to being normal.. to beating it.. but after our pizza incident back in the fall, it's slowly crept back. And it's been almost harder to deal with then it ever has before. I honestly can't explain why, but I've lost many a nights' sleep over it in the past couple months. And it's extremely shameful but over Christmas break when my daughter threw up, it was really hard for me to be in the same room as her for the whole next day. I felt like such a failure of a mother...

But today... oh glorious miracles among all the terrible things that happened this weekend... Lilly coughed so hard that she threw up... all over me. Now I'm not saying that was the miracle.. No no... that was one of the terribles... the miracle is this... I immediately looked at Steve, who was already on his way over to take care of it (wonderful husband) I stood up and left the room, stripping my clothes off immediately and by the time I was in my bedroom, I got a chance to think about what had just happened... I looked at my hands.. they were not shaking. I took a mental evaluation and found myself a little alarmed, but completely calm and..


I was completely surprised I wasn't in a full blown panic attack. Literally.. this was a miracle.  I said a quick prayer of gratitude for the strength, got some new clothes on, and then went back out into the living room to find my daughter naked and crying because Daddy wasn't comforting her, but cleaning up the mess (this sounds bad.. but Steve knows that when throw up is involved, it needs to be taken care of REALLY quickly, or I'll go crazy.. was doing right by me.. like I said, good husband)...

She saw me and started walking to me.. I got a little nervous.. not because of the sick, but because I didn't know how I would react.. I didn't know how long this surge of strength would last.. but I knelt down and gave her a great big hug, and kissed her on the forehead. Together we went into the bathroom and I gave her a drink of water and brushed her teeth with a q-tip (didn't want to get her toothbrush dirty). I ran her a bath and put a towel in the dryer so when she got out she would be nice a toasty.. and I sat in the bathroom with her while she played in the water.

The strength didn't go away and even now I'm sitting here with my daughter (who is trying to blog too) knowing that at any moment she could start coughing and throw up again.. and I'm not comfortable with that, but I know that when the time comes God will give me the strength I need.

I've been taught, blessed, strengthened, by God and have been given wonderful examples who empower me everytime I read their stories.. and because of this.. I think I can handle this mommy thing.Anyway.. sorry for the rambling.. just what I've been thinking about lately.

Day 3: Doctors Visit #4

Last night was rough. She was really tired but didn't sleep at all. We found out today it wasn't the antibiotics that gave her a boost of energy, but she was jusr restless from her condition.. poor girl. 

Today Lilly has been doing better... Her fever broke.. which is a really good thing! What I like most about that is that now we don't have to pump her with tylenol to keep her fever down and we can really tell how she is feeling. Her breathing has slowed down a little bit.. it is about 45 breaths per minute which is still fast but it's better. 
We went to the follow-up doctors appointment today and the doctor we saw (our regular doctor doesn't work on Mondays so he really doesn't even know anything has gone on) was happy to see improvement and told us to keep up with the antibiotics and we should see continuous improvement over the next couple of days.
He did say that they believe this started from just a regular cold... not rsv.. which means she could still catch rsv...and if she has any traces of her pneumonia leftover then it could be dangerous so the dov said we need to keep her home until she is 100% better (no cough, full appetite back, no fever at all.)

By the way this is my 100th post! I was hoping it was going  to be something a little more upbeat... so I'll think I'll celebrate my 100th post a little later!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 2: Hospital visit #3 and Doctors visit #2 and #3

Lilly's stats have stayed the same... no improvements.. but not really getting worse.. she constantly breaths fast (60 breaths per minute) but is just barely getting enough oxygen to not be admitted in the hospital.

I called the nurse in the morning and she said that they weren't going to be able to get us into the office till 1...and to just call if it got worse than it was and they would try to squeeze us in earlier.. but to cancel if she got better..

I was not a happy mommy.

I made the appointment and canceled it later cause she tricks us when she is on ibuprofen because she acts like a normal baby and her fever is down...Plus I was just really unhappy with that... my  baby was sick and why was I the only one that could see that??? I knew they were just going to tell me to go back to the hospital  to get suctioned again and I think I would blow a fuse if that happened again. I decided I would just wait and see how it panned out.

Of course as soon as the ibuprofen wore off she was right back down to barely moving and barely crying and steamy hot, and as always breathing insanely fast..
I called the doctors office again and (Thank Heaven) got the nurse that helped us last night. She had been worried about her and said that she definitely needed to come in. She said that since they were so close to admitting her to the hospital last night we had to really keep an eye on her and just hold tight till we could see the doctor.

Thank heaven for good nurses... personally I think they are more comforting than good doctors.

She called me back 10 minutes later and said that she rallied the on call doctor from last night and the on call doctor from today so we had a clear view of what has been happening. They decided Lilly needed to be seen right away and they had squeezed us a spot in the office. Doctors visit #2.

As we walked in, that wonderful nurse was just walking by and she ushered us quickly into a room they had ready for us. We didn't even stop at all in the waiting room. As that nurse ( I wish I knew her name) was checking stats she told us that she went home and told her husband about us and about Lilly and how sweet she was last night.. and even the little things like the glow bug that we had with us.. just made the whole thing so tender... she said her husband even started to tear up a little... how sweet is that?

So they found no change in the stats.. surprise surprise... The doctor found that she is getting ear infections in both ears. He also told us that it was unlikely that she has pneumonia, and if she did it would be very mild, but he wanted to see a chest xray anyway.


So hospital trip #3! And probably the most traumatizing. Infant chest x-rays are like torture devices... it doesn't hurt them but it's like a plastic straight-jacket with their arms sticking straight up and just a little tiny hole for her head... it was awful! 45 minutes later:

Pneumonia in both lungs. At the base of her left lung and middle of her right. As long as she kept getting enough oxygen she wouldn't have to be admitted, but she would need some major antibiotics right away. We went back to the office (Doctors visit #3) to get an injection of antibiotics and then we went home. It's amazing how news travels... somehow.. I'm sure via facebook.. someone is friends with someone whose friends with someone... our home teacher found out about us and asked if they could bring us dinner tonight... life savers. I'm home and can actually cook.. but I haven't slept in a LONG time.. so that's where we are right now. Sitting at home, waiting for dinner, watching Lilly closely.. surprisingly unaware of how little attention has been spent on our own personal hygiene.. I hope our home teacher can breath in here.

Hospital Trip #2

I'm tired.. but I don't want to not write this down so this is quick.

Lilly woke up about every 20-30 minutes coughing and crying. she got up to about 60 breaths per minute which is high. I called the number I was supposed to and got an on call nurse who told me I just needed to go back into the hospital for another suction. We did that... rolling our eyes the whole time.. it didn't help her last time.. why would it this time. The guy who did the suction last time was still there. Checked her oxygen levels and they were still ok-ish... 90-91. He didn't do a full suction, just a little one... but even he knew it wouldn't help. He was just a nurse so he couldn't tell us anything, but he was hinting towards the fact that she might not have RSV, but rather something like pneumonia, and under his breath cursed the doctor for not doing his job and ordering breathing treatments. So.. we are back at home.. .just waiting 4 more hours till we can call the Sunday on call doctor and have the whole situation looked at. Same thing... keep her fever down, have her drink lots of water, don't watch breaths so much, but rather if it is labored and if she starts changing colors then call someone or take her somewhere... But the guy said she'd probably be fine till morning... just breaks my heart... the poor little girl is completely miserable and there isn't anything we can do till morning. 

Not mending very well...

Ok... Crappy night of all crappy crap crap... excuse my language... 

So you know how Lilly was sick, but getting better... load.. o'... (you guessed it)...


She was fine today.. not great... she just had a lingering cough from being sick on Tuesday and felt a little warm.. but she was fine. We went to our neighbors brunch (they are good friends of ours and just got sealed today.. we would have gone to the sealing, but didn't want Lilly to go to a babysitter since she hadn't been feeling perfect and our babysitter/brother has a newborn) and we also watched Daddy play 3 hours of ward basketball.. Lilly really enjoyed that! She was doing fine all day.. until about 7ish tonight. Her fever came back and she started breathing really fast and was VERY lethargic. We thought she was just tired so we gave her some tylenol (even though I said I wouldn't) and put her to bed. I went in to check on her about 30 minutes later.. figuring I hadn't heard from her so she was probably sleeping.. just wanted to check her breathing.. she was kind of asleep... but breathing really fast and every once in a while almost hold her breath for a second. Worried me so we took her out of her crib and held her for a bit.She started to get a little better so we put her back in. About half hour later I went back in to check on her and she was awake.. breathing super fast.. and just kept reaching down to make her glow bug sing constantly... probably the only thing that could comfort her cause she probably wasn't getting enough oxygen to cry very loud. I had a bad feeling so we got her out again and I called the after-hour physician. They had us bring her in and they checked her oxygen levels and temperature and concluded that she has


She had a temperature of 103-point-something and they said we didn't give her enough tylenol for how big she was.. (btw... she has lost a pound from her 15 month appointment.) So they gave her more motrin. Her oxygen levels weren't good... but not awful either.. they were borderline. She bounced up and down from 82(which is really bad) and up to 90 (which is acceptable) and everywhere in between... they gave us an order to go to the hospital and suction her lungs out, and if it improved her levels then we could take her home, but if not we had to admit her and put her on oxygen. I freaked out... We have crappy insurance and a night at the hospital would cost us an arm and a leg.. I wanted to do it though because I didn't want to have her stop breathing in the middle of the night and not know what to do or not even know about it cause she isn't on a monitor or something. So we were hoping the suction would make her feel better.

We didn't go straight to the hospital, we went home first because I thought it was important that our baby got a blessing. We called our neighbor Jason who just recently got the Melchizedek priesthood and was just sealed to his family today, to come help with the blessing. It was cool because it was his first blessing ever given... We are grateful that he was able and willing to help us out.. We are glad for good friends.. and the Lords amazing timing. Steve gave a quick blessing, but a good blessing... Lilly didn't like having oil and hands on her head, and we wanted to get to the hospital. I love the priesthood... and I love my husband for having it!

Because of our CRAPPY insurance, we were sent to Timpanogos Hospital, got into the emergency room, then was told the system just changed and they don't take our insurance, and we needed to go to Orem Community emergency room... Went there and they sent us to Utah Valley because they have a clinic there and are much better suited to do a suction... I was about to go insane! But I did feel better about going to Utah Valley because we wouldn't be in an emergency room, but an RSV clinic where all they do is suction out babies! (cheaper... Steve was happy). The Motrin that the doctor gave Lilly helped her a lot and she was now awake and walking around.. she was still breathing fast but she was feeling better which was a little comforting. She got hooked up to the monitors and found her oxygen levels at a more consistent 89-90. That was better.. not amazing... but better. They suctioned her and hardly got anything out. It just ticked her off. Didn't help her at all either... so we called the doctor and he said that at 90 we should just go home and watch her closely.. which is where we are right now. We just have to watch for high fevers and really fast breathing. And give her lots of water and feed her anything she wants to eat.

Not sleeping tonight.

Friday, February 19, 2010

On the mend

Alright.. as far as health goes, we are getting better. I am really glad I let the fever fight Lilly's sickness off because she woke up the next morning, kind of grumpy, but her fever was gone and she was feeling better. She's been not 100% since but MUCH better than that first day. I think I will do that from now on.. only give her tylenol or medicine when her fever gets TOO high.. or if she is REALLY miserable.. other than that I'll just let the fever fight it because she'll get over it much quicker. As for me.. I haven't had as much luck. I haven't gotten a fever for years.. I don't know why.. but I wish I did so I could actually get better. But I pretty much go on with my regular life feeling tired and crappy for weeks but not actually sick enough to take time off from my busy life. It's ok though.. I don't like to miss things!

Quite honestly I haven't been taking care of myself very well. Today during my lunch break, (instead of eating lunch) I went home to work on some music cutting and while I was home, my vision started to do something really strange(like how it gets right after someone takes a picture with a REALLY bright flash right in your eye... it was like that... for a good 45 minutes straight). I got really dizzy and nauseous and almost passed out a couple of times. It took me about an hour for it to pass, and then it just turned into a giant headache. Is that a migraine? Anyway, I figured it was brought on by 3 things... 1) Major lack of sleep (especially for how active I am.) 2) dehydration ( i realized that for 2 days in a row I forgot to bring my water bottle.. and when I dont have a water bottle I hardly drink ANY water at all. 3) lack of food. *this is where I get kinda crazy. (A child at lilly's daycare started getting sick yesterday afternoon... it was too early to tell what kind of sick, so I assumed the worst and guessed that it was the stomach flu and that all three of us were going to start puking our guts out anytime.. so I didn't eat anything that i didn't want to see come up.. which was nothing... )

Anyway, my dear husband was with me and made me lay down and drink water and eat something. After relaxing for a few minutes I felt better and went back to class. Hope I can start taking care of myself better or I might collapse!

Sounds like I'm complaining a lot, but really I'm actually very happy right now! I love what I'm doing, I love my family, and I'm glad I get to spend the time with them that I do. And quite honestly I love being exhausted and sore.. it's energy well spent! I'd much rather be exhausted than restless.. That's just me I guess!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yeah.. we aren't feeling great at my house. Lilly and I have some sort of cough/cold/flu thingy... She has had a little bit of a cough the last couple of days, but last night she was coughing all night. She woke up and as soon as she found out it was time to go back to day care and that we were leaving, she started bawling... Screaming... hysterically.. I thought it was because she didn't want to leave, but then when I held her, I noticed she was really hot.. When I tried to distract her by singing some songs.. she calmed down a little but I could tell something was wrong. Steve decided to stay home from work for the first half of the day so I could go to my technique class, then I came home and skipped the rest of the day to be with her. She was fine because we had given her some tylenol.. I put her down for a nap and when she woke up, like half an hour later (our downstairs neighbors have a drumset in the bedroom directly below Lilly's room) she was REALLY sick.. pretty high fever, really out of it.. just staring out into space, whining every once in a while. I felt SO bad for her.. I wanted to try and fight it off without so much tylenol this time, but she was so miserable.. I couldn't NOT give it to her. It didn't help as much as it had earlier, but it did give her some energy back. We watched tinkerbell together and then she took a bath and that helped A LOT. We had to go to the store to get some things for lunch and when we got back we ate and then I noticed the tylenol was wearing off again cause her fever came back. I put her down for a nap so the fever can fight the sickness and she can get some rest, then I sat down on the couch.. and started coughing, and feeling tired and woosy and achey... I'm thinking some tylenol might help me a little! Stinks but it happens! We have been enjoying our day of disney movies though.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Easy Weekend.

I haven't had much to say in the last couple of days... mostly cause it's just been an easy weekend... not much to do! We went up to my sisters yesterday and had a blast! We went to boondocks and essentially spent $25 on a slinky, a smiley faced ball, and some pop-rocks. But it was worth it! Lilly loved playing some of the games and she loved the rides more. There was a little merry-go-round and she rode that thing over and over! It made me feel all nostalgic because she didn't need me to hold her on the horse... she could hold on herself and ride around like a big girl.. didn't even need me to follow her... oh she's growing up so fast!

Then today I finally got a chance to go to relief society.. it's been so long the relief society president didn't recognize me! I promise we still go to church! we just spend it out in the hall chasing Lilly around! They will let us take Lilly into nursery.. but they won't let us leave her there so today I spent the 2nd hour in nursery with her and Steve spent the 3rd hour in nursery with her. Oh it was nice!

Then I pretty much spent the rest of the day researching cameras and photography tips and such things... I really am having a hard time waiting for my camera.... I should be able to get it around the end of the month and then man... you will start to see a LOT more pictures!! For now.. I'll leave you with a video of my babbling daughter!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Winning Emerging Choreographer: Missy Seawright
Winning Pre-professional Choreographer: Roxanne Boden (i think that's her last name)
Winning Professional Choreographer: Shayla Bott

It was an amazing night! My piece looked really good and I am so proud of it. I don't mind that I didn't win... All the pieces were so different so really it just wasn't what the judges were looking for... I'm just happy that now i have a really good piece under my belt... a really cool thing to put on my resume... and a renewed ambition to create something even cooler next time!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tonight... Tonight....(a little westside story for you)

Choreography Design Project is TONIGHT!!! (and tomorrow... plus the awards are tomorrow) I saw all the pieces last night and they all look REALLY cool! It's gonna be a very entertaining show so if you can make it... come! My piece is opening it which I think is pretty cool!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who I am.

I was sitting in the hallway at school, sewing my pointe shoes, listening to Jimmy Eat World on my ipod, wearing a Starting Line t-shirt... and I thought to myself... this is a weird combination but it's totally me! It made me start thinking about the things in my life that define me. Here is what I came up with...

I am a ballet dancer/teacher, homemaker/somewhat crafty/, procrastinator-who-has-to-be-busy-all-the-time, rocker, popper, LDS, kind-of-taoist, hater-of-messes/hater-of-spending-precious-time-cleaning, over-and-over-movie-watcher, amateur cook/photographer/choreographer/seamstress/hair-stylist/improv-er/music-editor, family loving mommy!


Went to comedy sportz tonight. Let's just say I'm getting a reputation there. Last week we did a game where we each had to say an animal in a certain order. (FYI there is only one other girl in my class.. and she is very cool and very good, but she isn't very girly..) So when my turn came up, the animal that came to my head was "Pony" and of course this is one of those had-to-be-there moments... but as soon as I said it, the whole room starting hysterically laughing.. I think it was just my high pitched girly voice after all these manly deep voices.. they thought it was hilarious... They all called me "Pony" the rest of the night and even when we showed up today they made jokes about Pony... I am the stereotypical girly girl at comedy sportz!

And they found another thing to tease me about this week... we played a game that required still shots from a movie... We chose titanic.. and let's just say that the few still shots we chose were... EPIC... It will take me a VERY long time to live down that game. Literally every game we played after that they found some way to talk about Titanic... oh well.. all fun and games! Definitely a good way to blow off some stress!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Missy isn't mad at me anymore... it took her a lot shorter amount of time than I thought it would for her to get over it... THANK YOU! I'm so happy cause I love her to death!


My piece is done.. and it looks good... Everybody knows when to run and where.. and are there on time.. and it is really cool! I like it a lot! ALL the dances are really different so it will be interesting to see who wins. I really don't care if I win or not but I think the judges will have a hard time comparing them because they are all so different.

Lilly and Steve came to rehearsal with me tonight and I loved watching her run around the theater. I love it that that will be something she will remember about growing up.. hanging out in theaters for rehearsals and stuff like that. Love my life!

I need my sanity..

So I did something bad... I hate doing this..

At UVU the seniors have to use UVU students in order to choreograph a piece that they perform at the end of the semester. There are a few seniors in RBE and Missy has been trying to round up RBE members to be in her piece. I agreed to it initially because I wanted to help out, and not a lot of people were lining up for it...

This semester has been crazy and I've been having to find any way I can to save my sanity.. The difference I have noticed between me and other students there is that I CAN"T nor do I really WANT to fully commit to school... I can't give all of myself to UVU like the other students can.... I hate to say it.. but Its more important for me to have a life than others kids.. because I have a family that is higher priority. So anyway... the way this semester is playing out I am taking any extra time I can to regain sanity so I can fulfill my homely responsibilities... let's face it.. I'm not a machine and I get tired and worn out. So today I told Missy that I couldn't be in her piece. She wasn't happy.... she walked away from me without saying anything... I hate it when people are mad at me... but I did it for my sanity and for my daughter so oh well.. I still feel bad!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm gettin me one o' these!

Thank you government for giving us back lot's of money!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Semi-anti-climatic day...

CDP UPDATE: Finished my piece today.. yet was unable to have a successful run.. dancers are a little confused as to the timing of the ending and it's fairly clean.. but not quite as I would like it. I only have 1 more hour with them on monday and it's on stage so hopefully we are able to work quickly and well! Still though.. it's done and  I don't have to choreograph any more... just make it look good!

Due to the craziest week ever, I had rehearsals scheduled on every day of my Anatomy class this week and I had a test I had to take today. After HOURS of studying 1 chapter, I decided I felt like I was ready.. Went to the CTC and stood in line for an hour before I got my test... and failed miserably... holy cow... I really need to get serious about this class if I'm going to pass it!

Good thing I have a sweet baby girl and an awesome hubby to go home to... otherwise I would have to call this a bad day..Instead it's just a semi-anti-climatic day... I think Lilly and I are gonna go for a walk!

I love my family

I came home from rehearsal today to find this in Lilly's room

Friday, February 5, 2010

The sun will come out... Tomorrow!

My dance is done...

My dance is done my dance is done my dance is done!

Today I worked with the pas couple and finished their stuff and really tomorrow I just have to piece the two together.. and make sure that nobody will get a pointe shoe in the face and tell the core when to run on and off... and then I just have cleaning to do... little things like arms and heads and things like that and then we start dress rehearsals and tech rehearsals!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Friends

Can i just say I'm grateful for good friends...

For 3 nights in a row now Steve and I will tiptoe downstairs to and have a little party with our neighbors and it has been so nice to have a break from our life upstairs... ahh...

I have NOT been slacking!

Just so you know! I am almost completely finished with my piece.. I have about 1:30 left of pas de duex left and then i'm ALL DONE!!! I'm so excited!!! A couple of days ago i got completely stuck. It was right after I finished my first movement.. I had NO idea what I wanted to do with my second movement and I completely blanked for like 2 days straight.. no sleep cause I was too worried about it.. and even if I did fall asleep I was dreaming in failed choreography... I finished my second rehearsal and got in my car... and thought... DUH.. this is what I need to do! so I came back the next day and whipped out like... 3 minutes of choreography! It's pretty sweet! Tomorrow I work with the couple and hopefully by the end of tomorrow it will all be done and I can just clean all Saturday! and on monday I can breeze through spacing and all will be well! I am also a lot happier with the costume choices that we made today.. instead of all black I will have a little bit of color on stage! You all better come to the concert! Feb 11-12 at the Ragan Theater!

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