Sunday, February 14, 2010

Easy Weekend.

I haven't had much to say in the last couple of days... mostly cause it's just been an easy weekend... not much to do! We went up to my sisters yesterday and had a blast! We went to boondocks and essentially spent $25 on a slinky, a smiley faced ball, and some pop-rocks. But it was worth it! Lilly loved playing some of the games and she loved the rides more. There was a little merry-go-round and she rode that thing over and over! It made me feel all nostalgic because she didn't need me to hold her on the horse... she could hold on herself and ride around like a big girl.. didn't even need me to follow her... oh she's growing up so fast!

Then today I finally got a chance to go to relief society.. it's been so long the relief society president didn't recognize me! I promise we still go to church! we just spend it out in the hall chasing Lilly around! They will let us take Lilly into nursery.. but they won't let us leave her there so today I spent the 2nd hour in nursery with her and Steve spent the 3rd hour in nursery with her. Oh it was nice!

Then I pretty much spent the rest of the day researching cameras and photography tips and such things... I really am having a hard time waiting for my camera.... I should be able to get it around the end of the month and then man... you will start to see a LOT more pictures!! For now.. I'll leave you with a video of my babbling daughter!

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Katasha Lyn said...

Ellie, she's so cute! I'm pretty sure she kept saying "baby sissy" ... Think she knows something?

btw.. I was looking at your tutus. Not sure if you knew, but I am a photographer and I would love to get one or two tutus to have for our studio. How much do you charge? Or, I'd love to do some trade if you are in need of some photography (either for the tutu business or your family)
lemme know what you think :)

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