Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Went to comedy sportz tonight. Let's just say I'm getting a reputation there. Last week we did a game where we each had to say an animal in a certain order. (FYI there is only one other girl in my class.. and she is very cool and very good, but she isn't very girly..) So when my turn came up, the animal that came to my head was "Pony" and of course this is one of those had-to-be-there moments... but as soon as I said it, the whole room starting hysterically laughing.. I think it was just my high pitched girly voice after all these manly deep voices.. they thought it was hilarious... They all called me "Pony" the rest of the night and even when we showed up today they made jokes about Pony... I am the stereotypical girly girl at comedy sportz!

And they found another thing to tease me about this week... we played a game that required still shots from a movie... We chose titanic.. and let's just say that the few still shots we chose were... EPIC... It will take me a VERY long time to live down that game. Literally every game we played after that they found some way to talk about Titanic... oh well.. all fun and games! Definitely a good way to blow off some stress!

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