Friday, February 19, 2010

On the mend

Alright.. as far as health goes, we are getting better. I am really glad I let the fever fight Lilly's sickness off because she woke up the next morning, kind of grumpy, but her fever was gone and she was feeling better. She's been not 100% since but MUCH better than that first day. I think I will do that from now on.. only give her tylenol or medicine when her fever gets TOO high.. or if she is REALLY miserable.. other than that I'll just let the fever fight it because she'll get over it much quicker. As for me.. I haven't had as much luck. I haven't gotten a fever for years.. I don't know why.. but I wish I did so I could actually get better. But I pretty much go on with my regular life feeling tired and crappy for weeks but not actually sick enough to take time off from my busy life. It's ok though.. I don't like to miss things!

Quite honestly I haven't been taking care of myself very well. Today during my lunch break, (instead of eating lunch) I went home to work on some music cutting and while I was home, my vision started to do something really strange(like how it gets right after someone takes a picture with a REALLY bright flash right in your eye... it was like that... for a good 45 minutes straight). I got really dizzy and nauseous and almost passed out a couple of times. It took me about an hour for it to pass, and then it just turned into a giant headache. Is that a migraine? Anyway, I figured it was brought on by 3 things... 1) Major lack of sleep (especially for how active I am.) 2) dehydration ( i realized that for 2 days in a row I forgot to bring my water bottle.. and when I dont have a water bottle I hardly drink ANY water at all. 3) lack of food. *this is where I get kinda crazy. (A child at lilly's daycare started getting sick yesterday afternoon... it was too early to tell what kind of sick, so I assumed the worst and guessed that it was the stomach flu and that all three of us were going to start puking our guts out anytime.. so I didn't eat anything that i didn't want to see come up.. which was nothing... )

Anyway, my dear husband was with me and made me lay down and drink water and eat something. After relaxing for a few minutes I felt better and went back to class. Hope I can start taking care of myself better or I might collapse!

Sounds like I'm complaining a lot, but really I'm actually very happy right now! I love what I'm doing, I love my family, and I'm glad I get to spend the time with them that I do. And quite honestly I love being exhausted and sore.. it's energy well spent! I'd much rather be exhausted than restless.. That's just me I guess!

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Cami said...

That weirdness in your vision followed by a giant headache is the classic description of a migraine. The vision changes is an aura that tells you the headache is coming and that would have been a great time to take some Tylenol or something to help stave off the upcoming headache. Hopefully it won't happen again but if it does, drink a ton of water and take some medicine when your vision goes wonky. It's hard to take care of ourselves properly but at least you know that you've got some trouble spots and now you can work on it. I find that I really focus on getting Sydney well-rounded meals but I don't take care of myself very well. Good luck with everything!

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