Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 3: Doctors Visit #4

Last night was rough. She was really tired but didn't sleep at all. We found out today it wasn't the antibiotics that gave her a boost of energy, but she was jusr restless from her condition.. poor girl. 

Today Lilly has been doing better... Her fever broke.. which is a really good thing! What I like most about that is that now we don't have to pump her with tylenol to keep her fever down and we can really tell how she is feeling. Her breathing has slowed down a little bit.. it is about 45 breaths per minute which is still fast but it's better. 
We went to the follow-up doctors appointment today and the doctor we saw (our regular doctor doesn't work on Mondays so he really doesn't even know anything has gone on) was happy to see improvement and told us to keep up with the antibiotics and we should see continuous improvement over the next couple of days.
He did say that they believe this started from just a regular cold... not rsv.. which means she could still catch rsv...and if she has any traces of her pneumonia leftover then it could be dangerous so the dov said we need to keep her home until she is 100% better (no cough, full appetite back, no fever at all.)

By the way this is my 100th post! I was hoping it was going  to be something a little more upbeat... so I'll think I'll celebrate my 100th post a little later!

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