Friday, October 31, 2008


I know... I've been a slacker about updating the blog since Lilly was born! I just have a very cute distraction!!

First of all... Lilly enjoys her baths now! The only part she doesn't like is coming out of the bath! I feel bad because I read something the next day that said when you put a baby in bum first it's like falling off a diving board backwards. So the next time I put her in I made sure to put her feet in first. She still was a little weirded out, but she knew it felt nice! Oh and not only that, but we only use that bath support for her head... we just let her splash in the water.

However, after that bath, she has almost permanently had that look on her face... It's cute though...

Front and Center had a halloween party and I brought my cute little family... I wanted us all to dress up in something that correlated with eachother... and we came up with Dog, Cat and Mouse! It was fun!

Oh... and we carved pumpkins! Steve's is awesome... the skeleton... Mines pretty cool but it was pretty easy... it was the sun.. The one in the middle isn't ours.. but it's still pretty cool!

Well, I will be better about posting... Lilly's baby blessing is on Sunday and everyone is welcome to come! 1:00 pm 225 e 200 n in Orem!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bath Time

So last night Lilly had her first bath. It was... an adventure! All this week I've been trying to find time to give her a bath, but we just hadn't yet. I was so excited to do it because I was so sure that she would love the warm water. We even got this special infant bath support thing that soaks up the warm water so that the baby doesn't get cold. Steve and I got everything ready... It took us 10 minutes to decide which towel we should use and if we were going to just put her in her pj's right away or if we were going to put her in her robe... we got all the baby wash and lotion ready, Steve drew the tub, I got her undressed and ready to get in....
We were SO excited... I carried her into the bathroom and I was almost shaking with excitement cause I KNEW she would love it. I carefully lowered her into the tub and the moment her naked bum touched the wet blue bath support, she screamed at the top of her lungs!!! She WAILED the entire time she was in that bath tub!!

No matter what we did she did NOT like this bath thing! I don't know if she was just scared, or cold, or if she really didn't like it... but she screamed the entire time! We hurried and washed her up and got her out of there as soon as we could. Suddenly we didn't care what towel she was in... and the thought of putting her in her robe was way out of the picture! We rolled her up in her cute white towel (which she pooped in right away!) and she calmed down a little. Then she just stared at me and Steve like... "What the heck did you guys do to me!"
She had this look on her face for like, 10 minutes straight! We felt so bad!! But after all was said and done and dry, and no longer in a poopy towel, she was just as sweet and soft and snuggly as ever!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pictures of Lilly

I won't write a lot, because there hasn't really been much going on... I just want to say that being a mom is the best thing in the world!! I love it! My daughter is amazing and is already on a schedule. Steve and I got 8 hours of sleep last night!! How often does that happen really!! Anyway, I thought I would just post a few photo's so that you could all see how beautiful my baby is!

This is us getting ready to go home from the hospital. Her clothes were GIANT on her... But she's growing into them now.

In the car! Can't really see her cause the blankets and beanie cover up her tiny body... but it's still cute!

In her crib! I can't believe we actually got one of her smiling! It's amazing!

Ok, This by far is the coolest thing. One morning she was a little bit fussy, so Steve pulled out his guitar and she went CRAZY!! She stopped crying right away and starting moving her arms and legs all over the place and opened her eyes really big.... she totaly loved it! It was the most precious thing ever!

Uncle Matt and Lilly!

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