Saturday, November 7, 2009

RBE photoshoot!

These photos were taken by Hancock Photography.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

The winner is: Kelsey!! Yay!!!

Lilly was an Ipod and we were the earbuds! More about that later... This is how our Halloween went.

On Friday I got to dress up at school.. pretty much the only people that dress up for Halloween are the dance majors and a few other weird people.. but we LOVE it! This is RBE... our company! For school I was "partly cloudy...with a chance of rain" as I squirted you!!

This is Shayla, our Artistic Director... She's awesome! And this is her daughter that is a couple months older than Lilly... We enjoy swapping baby stories!
This is Mark. He is our Pas De Duex teacher... he's pretty awesome!

So anyway, I had been feeling sick since Friday morning and I wasn't getting any better... In fact I'm still pretty sick. Saturday morning my husband took very good care of me and Lilly was amazing and slept in till 10 or 11 even.. (that has never happened!) I was able to lounge around the house being sick all morning and afternoon. We finally decided that we needed to figure out costumes because I wasn't going to let sickness take away Lilly's Halloween! At 5 o'clock we headed out to walmart to get the materials and by 7:30 we were lookin good!

We headed first to Roy and Angie's parents house. They are the "Santa's Workshop" of Halloween... They go ALL out. Angie's Dad dresses up like Frankenstein and the whole neighborhood gets their picture taken with him every year... we were lucky enough to swipe just such a photo. Lilly couldn't take her eyes off of Frankenstein!! She thought the whole experience was so strange!
After we saw them for a quick moment we decided we would just go trick-or-treating around that neighborhood since it looked pretty safe and kid-friendly... Lilly didn't understand the concept of it for the first couple houses but after we fed her a piece of candy she caught on pretty quick. After a door would open she would reach her hand out to grab a piece! It was worth it! And I forgot how much fun Trick-or-Treating is! After we went around the block we went back to Angie's parents house for some delicious halloween soup!
Roy and Angie have 2 very cute dogs and Lilly loved them... but got totally stressed out when they started licking her!!

They made the weirdest looking treats... I couldn't eat one cause i was too creeped out!

After we left there we made an appearance at Matt and Laurens party... We were sad we missed a lot of it cause it looked like a lot of fun.. but Lilly was so tired and hungry and I was feeling really bad so we only stayed for a few minutes before we headed home!
Lilly's favorite part of halloween... the CANDY!! Someone taught her how to lick a sucker.... I don't know where she learned it!!

What were we??

Guess what we were for halloween!
(IF you already know... don't give it away!)

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