Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Hygiene... Very Important

She wasn't happy when we turned the water off....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Scholarship Audition... and other fun stuff

Today was a scholarship audition... It was seriously the strangest audition I've ever had. Yiqi was the teacher..and she taught this class like one of her regular technique classes... only paying attention to the best kids in the class... there must have been about 50+ kids in there and she wanted to go in 2 groups the whole time... made a few girls demonstrate each combo 3 times before we had a chance to do it... it was ridiculous... good thing all the people that are choosing scholarships I see everyday... Plus I don't really care if I get a scholarship.. it would be VERY nice but I won't be completely crushed if I don't get one.. probably because I've sworn off being completely crushed... "completely crushed" is not a good feeling.. and I kinda refuse to feel it very often... and for not very long..
anyway... Shayla Bott is one of the people that chooses scholarships and I saw this on my facebook today... maybe a good sign.. or maybe I just looked smokin in my new copper leotard..

Anyway.. a few fun things. We finally got Lilly another Glow Bug... she puked on her last one so we had to throw it away... She has been carrying it around all night, rocking it to sleep... I love it! She's funny like that.. she will find 1 activity and do it for hours. Tonight, before the glow bug, she found a soda bottle and dragged it around for probably 45 minutes. Then she came upon my boot and figured out that the bottle fit perfectly in the boot.. that kept her busy for about another hour... Silly girl!

Oh and something else really freaking awesome.. our house has been on the verge of being completely picked up for a while, but we just haven't had it in us to put in the hour or two to put away all our laundry and go through all the piles of random things that don't have a home. I came back from my audition and one room was completely done.. Steve let me sit on the couch and watch Glee while he finished our bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. I finally decided to pitch in and do Lilly's room and help with finishing touches... we now have a REAL clean house. I love my husband!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 minutes

So I have 5 minutes choreographed of my piece... that's a little less than halfway! And I'll be perfectly honest with you... It looks COOL! I really like it and I'm excited to see it on stage!!! YAY!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trying Something New

So Steve is in the intermediate classes at comedy sportz and so many time Lilly and I will go to watch him. I love watching all the players and always have a critique about each one.. and I always give Steve advice and lately I've been thinking.. man... I really can't say anything about it because I've never done it before. So I asked Steve if I could take the beginner workshop and he said he thought that would be really fun! And I started today! It was so much fun! I am not a very quick thinker so it was really hard but I loved it! Everytime you're playing a game and you mess up the whole group says "AHHOOOOGA" and Lilly even started to pick that up! We are a little family of Improv-ers!

Monday, January 25, 2010

By your side

This is a video of me in jazz class.. I'm the one in the back. Watch this video at least twice though. Watch me first and then watch the girl in the front to the right with the "stylish ballerina bun". She's amazing! Please no one try to copy this choreography... I trust you all!

Love this girl!

I'm a mom..

When you find yourself watching Finding Nemo with a half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwhich in your hand, and your daughter is ripping up a book.. and you kinda don't even care anymore.. You know your a mom.

CDP 2010

Just kidding... I'm a finalist! The concert is February 11-12 so ALL of you that can better come! AHH!!! I ran around my house this morning screaming for like 15 minutes... My neighbors probably don't like me. And my husband laughed at me forever.. Lilly thought it was funny but I think I started scaring her.. so I stopped.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


So Daddy took Lilly to nursery today! He didn't leave (on my orders) but just took her in there to see how she would do. He said she did a lot better than some of the other older kids in there! She wouldn't let go of the balls and she even rolled over one. They sang Head-Shoulders-Knees-and-Toes and Lilly loved the nose part.. So much so that she stuck her finger up Daddy's nose and gave him a bloody nose! She is getting so old! Meanwhile, Mommy is (finally) almost done with laundry. The last load of whites is in the washer now and I have a GIANT pile of clothes to fold on my couch. By 10 pm tonight my house will be COMPLETELY clean.. I'm determined!

New blog direction

So I have been a little unhappy with my blogging lately. I don't get the fun details of our lives down.. It's been mainly events and special circumstances. I'm going to blog a lot more often and about lots of things! That means less pictures but I'm ok with that!

Block talk

I walked into Lilly's room yesterday to find her holding a lego up to her ear and having a VERY interesting conversation with whoever was on the other side of the "block" call. I love my daughter! She does stuff like that all the time! She loves talking to us! She will talk our ears off on the way home from daycare and she will read us books... she signs constantly and can say most of the words she signs.. plus lots more. She imitates us all the time! One thing I'm glad I took time to teach her was to sit down... She was such a pain in the butt going out to restaurants and grocery shopping cause she just wouldn't sit down. When we got her the table and chairs for Christmas she stood up on those all the time too and had a couple falls that she wasn't too happy about. So I took her into her room one day and we stayed in there and played with the chairs for probably about 2 hours and she learned how to SIT DOWN! Now I can grocery shop and eat at restaurants with NO problem! I tell her to Sit.. and she says Down as she does so! She still has very short hair that sticks up in all the craziest places and I LOVE it! She has 12 teeth and has for a while now.. waiting for more to come soon I'm sure! She loves brushing her teeth and sometimes even throws tantrums when I take her toothbrush away. I had to hide it a couple of days ago and I kinda forgot where I put it so she's been using mommy's toothbrush.. gross eh? Anyway.. I'll have to give a full update with pictures and everything soon!

Dance Update:
I went in on Friday to choreograph and I thought it went VERY well. I loved the outcome and got 2 minutes of choreography done! It was such a cool experience and I loved every minute of it! I was supposed to hear back yesterday if I was a finalist but I still haven't heard anything either way so I'm guessing I didn't make it but that's ok. It is still a little bummer but I was glad I got the experience!

As for Chris's ballet... I got the part! Which surprised me cause this is the 2nd contemporary ballet I've ever done so I'm pretty proud of myself! You'll all have to come to my concert now!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


*See post before*
Well, I am a semi-finalist! I have a week to work on my piece and then I get a little over an hour to set some choreography on a professional company... then we'll see what happens after that... I'm nervous!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


No pictures this time.. sorry... I did take some cool videos of me dancing but I can't share those due to copyrights... but they are pretty cool...

Some things that are going on with me... (I really shouldn't be posting this because none of it has actually happened, nor am I sure that it will, but it's still fun!)

Since starting the semester we are beginning to learn new dances and audition for parts! This is always fun and of course nerve wrecking but I feel like I've gone into it with a good attitude this time. We are doing La Sylphide (i think... if not it's les sylphide) and I *think* I got one of the demi roles! I'm not sure yet cause no one has told me that, but in the *preliminary* rehearsal she set Sarah and I as demi-soloists... so we'll see if that sticks! I'm quite excited about that!

We also had a guest choreographer come in this week and he is setting a piece on 4 girls... he called back 9 girls (I was one of them.. which surprised me A LOT). 2 out of the 4 parts are still open and for this last rehearsal he set a whole 4 minute piece and he used me as one of the parts... but he still hasn't said flat out that I've got that part... He may still go back on it.. he has done that before... but I guess we will see... I really would like to do this dance but at the same time, I'm proud of myself to have gotten this far in the process! So we'll see how that plays out on Wednesday.

Thirdly, in returning to school this semester I found out there is a Choreography Design Project where new, pre-professional, and professional choreographers can apply to be a part of a choreography contest. First round is just a paper round... resume, application, and choreographic plan... 2nd round.... work with professional company for 1 hour, third round (only 2 per category make it to the 3rd round) set entire ballet on professional company which they perform.. one winner is chosen out of the two and receives a cash prize. I decided to put another 10 lbs. on my plate and apply! I turned in my application yesterday and find out tomorrow-ish if I made it past the first round... It will be exciting to get to work with a professional company, but if I don't make it past then oh well.. I don't have time for it anyway!

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