Sunday, January 24, 2010

Block talk

I walked into Lilly's room yesterday to find her holding a lego up to her ear and having a VERY interesting conversation with whoever was on the other side of the "block" call. I love my daughter! She does stuff like that all the time! She loves talking to us! She will talk our ears off on the way home from daycare and she will read us books... she signs constantly and can say most of the words she signs.. plus lots more. She imitates us all the time! One thing I'm glad I took time to teach her was to sit down... She was such a pain in the butt going out to restaurants and grocery shopping cause she just wouldn't sit down. When we got her the table and chairs for Christmas she stood up on those all the time too and had a couple falls that she wasn't too happy about. So I took her into her room one day and we stayed in there and played with the chairs for probably about 2 hours and she learned how to SIT DOWN! Now I can grocery shop and eat at restaurants with NO problem! I tell her to Sit.. and she says Down as she does so! She still has very short hair that sticks up in all the craziest places and I LOVE it! She has 12 teeth and has for a while now.. waiting for more to come soon I'm sure! She loves brushing her teeth and sometimes even throws tantrums when I take her toothbrush away. I had to hide it a couple of days ago and I kinda forgot where I put it so she's been using mommy's toothbrush.. gross eh? Anyway.. I'll have to give a full update with pictures and everything soon!

Dance Update:
I went in on Friday to choreograph and I thought it went VERY well. I loved the outcome and got 2 minutes of choreography done! It was such a cool experience and I loved every minute of it! I was supposed to hear back yesterday if I was a finalist but I still haven't heard anything either way so I'm guessing I didn't make it but that's ok. It is still a little bummer but I was glad I got the experience!

As for Chris's ballet... I got the part! Which surprised me cause this is the 2nd contemporary ballet I've ever done so I'm pretty proud of myself! You'll all have to come to my concert now!

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