Saturday, January 16, 2010


No pictures this time.. sorry... I did take some cool videos of me dancing but I can't share those due to copyrights... but they are pretty cool...

Some things that are going on with me... (I really shouldn't be posting this because none of it has actually happened, nor am I sure that it will, but it's still fun!)

Since starting the semester we are beginning to learn new dances and audition for parts! This is always fun and of course nerve wrecking but I feel like I've gone into it with a good attitude this time. We are doing La Sylphide (i think... if not it's les sylphide) and I *think* I got one of the demi roles! I'm not sure yet cause no one has told me that, but in the *preliminary* rehearsal she set Sarah and I as demi-soloists... so we'll see if that sticks! I'm quite excited about that!

We also had a guest choreographer come in this week and he is setting a piece on 4 girls... he called back 9 girls (I was one of them.. which surprised me A LOT). 2 out of the 4 parts are still open and for this last rehearsal he set a whole 4 minute piece and he used me as one of the parts... but he still hasn't said flat out that I've got that part... He may still go back on it.. he has done that before... but I guess we will see... I really would like to do this dance but at the same time, I'm proud of myself to have gotten this far in the process! So we'll see how that plays out on Wednesday.

Thirdly, in returning to school this semester I found out there is a Choreography Design Project where new, pre-professional, and professional choreographers can apply to be a part of a choreography contest. First round is just a paper round... resume, application, and choreographic plan... 2nd round.... work with professional company for 1 hour, third round (only 2 per category make it to the 3rd round) set entire ballet on professional company which they perform.. one winner is chosen out of the two and receives a cash prize. I decided to put another 10 lbs. on my plate and apply! I turned in my application yesterday and find out tomorrow-ish if I made it past the first round... It will be exciting to get to work with a professional company, but if I don't make it past then oh well.. I don't have time for it anyway!

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