Saturday, January 30, 2010

Scholarship Audition... and other fun stuff

Today was a scholarship audition... It was seriously the strangest audition I've ever had. Yiqi was the teacher..and she taught this class like one of her regular technique classes... only paying attention to the best kids in the class... there must have been about 50+ kids in there and she wanted to go in 2 groups the whole time... made a few girls demonstrate each combo 3 times before we had a chance to do it... it was ridiculous... good thing all the people that are choosing scholarships I see everyday... Plus I don't really care if I get a scholarship.. it would be VERY nice but I won't be completely crushed if I don't get one.. probably because I've sworn off being completely crushed... "completely crushed" is not a good feeling.. and I kinda refuse to feel it very often... and for not very long..
anyway... Shayla Bott is one of the people that chooses scholarships and I saw this on my facebook today... maybe a good sign.. or maybe I just looked smokin in my new copper leotard..

Anyway.. a few fun things. We finally got Lilly another Glow Bug... she puked on her last one so we had to throw it away... She has been carrying it around all night, rocking it to sleep... I love it! She's funny like that.. she will find 1 activity and do it for hours. Tonight, before the glow bug, she found a soda bottle and dragged it around for probably 45 minutes. Then she came upon my boot and figured out that the bottle fit perfectly in the boot.. that kept her busy for about another hour... Silly girl!

Oh and something else really freaking awesome.. our house has been on the verge of being completely picked up for a while, but we just haven't had it in us to put in the hour or two to put away all our laundry and go through all the piles of random things that don't have a home. I came back from my audition and one room was completely done.. Steve let me sit on the couch and watch Glee while he finished our bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. I finally decided to pitch in and do Lilly's room and help with finishing touches... we now have a REAL clean house. I love my husband!

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