Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To the dancers....

Since I have returned to school, I have been pleasantly surprised at how fast it has all come back to me. My knee is working as well as it did before it was injured, I am a much stronger dancer than I was before, and definitly more consistant. UVU has a ballet company called Repertory Ballet Ensemble (RBE) and last years director is my ballet teacher over the summer. She has expressed to me several times that she wished I would do RBE in the fall, and how she would love to see me give all that I can to this "2nd chance" I've been given at dancing. It started me thinking....This was my dilema....

School is VERY time consuming as a ballet major. I am barely a full time student and already going to school from 9-3 every day. After that a few times a week I would teach! This was going to be hard for me since I can't bring my beautiful baby with me to either of these activities... but it was going to work... Just barely... but it was. When this whole RBE thing came up... I blew it off right away. There is no way I could fit that in cause it goes from 3-5 every day. But I kept thinking about it and the thought just wouldn't go away that there was a way I could do the company. About a month later, I sat down and prayed about it because I just wasn't sure about my life and what I was doing. After a good long prayer I realized how I could make it happen. Like a punch in the stomach.....I would have to quit teaching.

All of a sudden I was hit with a choice... Teaching or Dancing. Steve and I talked and prayed and talked and prayed, and worked out mock budgets and checked on day care and talked more and prayed more and after a very intense, life changing week... I decided to dance.

I know it came as a huge shock to everyone at FCDA. I feel awful for springing this on everybody. Trust me... this is not what I intended to happen. After all of that thought, we figured that it would be a more consistant, healthy schedule for Lilly and Steve, and that I can spend the next three years focusing on my family and gaining experience and knowledge so that when I am REALLY done dancing I can be a better teacher.

Dancers at FCDA - I'm very appreciative of all your notes and messages. I wish I could write each one of you a letter explaining how you have really made these last 2 years special, but i can't. You guys brought me joy every single class (yes.. even when you would make my head spin cause you all wouldn't stop talking!!! haha)!! You all have so many special qualities that tell me that you are all capable of amazing things. Some of you are very graceful, some of you are smart, some of you are freaking workhorses... You have no idea what you are capable of if you follow your dreams and WORK HARD at them. Please don't give up until you have reached the stars!! Maybe by the time you all are in college I'll be your teacher there! (I can hope right?)

Alexis - Again, I apologize for springing this on you... I wish it all could have worked out to where I could have stayed. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to work for you. It was a pleasure. You are honestly the best studio owner I've ever met. I hope someday I can run a studio half as well as you! I've enjoyed working for you as well as your friendship! Your an amazing teacher and a wonderful mom!

I will finish teaching the summer classes and then we have our summer intensive. If you weren't sure about going.. PLEASE come! At least to a couple classes! I want to see all of you again before I leave for good. Anyway... Love you all! Good Luck in your journeys and wish me luck in mine!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Lilly had a little bite of cake the other day and she was HYPER! She did this for a good hour straight!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

So it's been a while since I've posted... so watch for several to come soon!

Steves brother Brandon and his wife Heather came up for a quick visit and it was so much fun to catch up and see their freakin adorable son Will! Will is about 5 or 6 weeks younger than Lilly so it's lots of fun to watch them! They are so similar!

On sunday we got to take a little walk down to the park and Will and Lill (hehe) got to swing together!

This is the side of Heather... She's such a good mom!
That night we basically just fed our faces. Lilly sat on my lap and decided that she wanted to eat what I was eating.. She made a huge mess but it was so cute I just let her! I don't let her anymore though.. especially when it's something not so good for her! Anyway, we got a video of it cause it was so funny...

Lilly and Will ate together too... Yeah I know she doesn't have a bib on.. she was messy anyway... it was already over.

So after that long day the babies took a bath together! We covered their "parts" for the picture (yes, we used an octopus and a crab), but if you want to watch the video, be prepared for some baby nudity... :)

On Monday we got to go to a barbeque! Delicious food and great people!

Lilly loved the watermelon.. but she pretty much loves everything that we eat and give her!Yeah.. That is Steve grabbing Brandons bum... he just can't get enough Brandon!

We Love Steves Brothers!

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