Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You guys lose!

Ok.. so last time we posted we WERE actually looking for a new layout, and we found several cute ones, but we also found some tacky ones. I joked with Steve about putting them on and not until I actually said it would be a joke did he agree (and not only agree but he was all into it!) So we did.. We made our blog the most annoying one we could find! We had the nasty pink Cheetah, the annoying teenager blinkees, the annoying songs that play at the very bottom of the blog so that you have to scroll through the entire thing before you can turn off the music to watch cute movies of Lilly... We could hardly stand to visit our blog! We kind of wanted to see if anybody would say anything.. and no one did!! So you guys lose!! Or we lose cause you all think Steve and I are weird enough to actually like how our blog was! Moral of the story is:

Friends don't let friends blog on pink cheetah print! (Or to Hannah Montanna!)

So I have some random pictures for this blog! Enjoy!

Our white chili loves Ziploc!

The 2 teeth... notice how they are coming in crooked?? Does that mean she will have crooked adult teeth?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What do you call a thing that has teeth and is on the verge of dominating the world...if only she could reach it..?


She finally cut her first 2 teeth at the same time... they are still barely poking out of her gums, but you can kinda see them. And if she bites you it hurts! She has also been SO close to crawling! These videos don't do her justice cause she can actually reached something as far away as the pizza boxes... she was just getting tired, which is why she's so grumpy here too. We are so proud of our baby girl.. She's getting so big!

So I finally decided to change my blog layout... The last time I changed it I just picked some random one from cutest blog on the block and called it good, but I finally took the time to look through all the ones they had on that site and found this adorable one! They even have these blinkees that are super cute!! And I finally took the time to add my own playlist with some of my favorite songs ever... Let me know what you guys think!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Food Adventures

So yesterday I decided that my system for eating wasn't working. We love home cooked meals, but hardly ever have time to cook them, nor the energy to, so we usually end up eating out. Not the best for our bank account, and really not the best for us either. Sometimes I would feel bad about spending the money to eat... so I just wouldn't... and then it would be the middle of the day and I would realize I hadn't eaten anything yet... so this was my solution... I found online a bunch of frozen meal ideas and then I made them... Like a ton of them though... I felt like a lunch lady cause I made such huge quantities of all these foods! I made Chicken Enchiladas, Chicken and Broccoli Curry, Parmesan Chicken, Baked Ziti, Chicken Pot pie, Slow cooked Beef Stew, and White Chili! I made at least 3 meals of each of the dinners, but usually more... I put them in their own individual disposable baking pans and wrapped them up in tin foil and froze them so that when we get hungry we just have to go to the freezer and pull something out. It was actually really fun at first, but towards the end I got a little tired... probably because it was the middle of the night. Anyway, I'm pretty excited about this cause I buy groceries all the time that go to waste cause I never have time to actually cook them,this way, they are already cooked and frozen so they won't go bad... I just have to eat them! And I don't have to feel bad for not cooking for like another month! Everything I made was REALLY simple... I wasn't going for fine dining here, I was going hearty for cheap... but it all tasted pretty good! If you want any of the recipes for this let me know, but here is the link to a blog where I found 4 of those delicious recipes!http://brianandkasey.blogspot.com/2008/01/freezer-meals.html

This is all of the food that I made in one day... each one of those containers is 1 meal... there are some individual meals and some 2 serving meals.

As you can imagine, all this cooking would destroy the kitchen... and it did... big time. But I wasn't very good about cleaning while I went...We got it cleaned up though... and now my kitchen is beautiful sparkly!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Things I want to remember...

This is a long post... We went to the park today and took pictures... it was so cool! We couldn't really get Lilly to cooperate cause she loves looking at hands, and hands are always down... so we had a hard time getting Lilly to look up for the camera... but we were both surprised at the pictures our little camera can take! Have fun!

The second part of this post is this: Steve and I are horrible about writing in a journal... so this is pretty much what we are going to have when we look back at this time in order to remember things, so I thought I would jot down a few things that I want to remember about Lilly, Steve, and I. If you get bored don't feel bad.. it's kind of more for us!

-She is a talker! And not only a talker, but a screamer.. She isn't neccesarily upset when she is screaming, more like singing!
-She loves sweet potatoes. Of every other food she only eats half a serving thingy... but she'll eat the whole thing of sweet potatoes. She likes fruits, but not more than she likes veggies, and definitaly not more than she likes sweet potatoes.
-Lilly comes to dance with me every day. Usually she is pretty good just hanging out watching the dancers... but sometimes she gets frustrated that I don't pay as much attention to her when I am there.
-She used to be able to only sit up for a few seconds by herself and then she would fall over, until one day we brought over a little boy who could sit up. So I thought I would put her up and see if she had improved at all... and she could do it... for a long time too. She sat up by herself for like, 15 minutes!!
-She doesn't mind being cold at all. In fact she doesn't care how cold it is... she always kicks off her blanket.
-She loves sucking on her bottom lip... She constantly has a rash.
-She has NO fear. Loud noises... sudden movements... almost falling over... nothing.. she just looks at you like, what?
-She has never been a calm baby. I remember being in the hospital with her and having her eye me down forever! She has always made her opinions known!
-If you have something she wants... it WILL be hers.
-She always has a flower or a bow in her hair. It's become a part of her!
-She has a major attachment to her cuddle.... I don't even know where it sprang from. It's always been in her crib and one day I walked in and she was holding it so tight...and from that day forward she can't be without it!
-She pretends to be shy sometimes... when you see her she usually smiles then digs her face into who ever is holding her's shoulder!
-She said "Mama" first, but she has now moved on to "baba" and it sounds like "dada" is coming up next.
-Steve works like a horse right now. He has a more-than-full-time job, goes to school full-time, he's ward mission leader, and he still finds time to fix computers for family and friends, help me and others with websites, and be a WONDERFUL dad!
-Steve loves to break my rules with Lilly... I say "Don't let her fall asleep in your arms" and he does just that.
-Steve loves to savor EVERY special moment he has with his girls (Lilly and I.) But there are a lot of special moments... It makes us late to EVERYTHING!
-Steve has the Favero gene of being late. I really don't think he's happy showing up to anything on time...
-Steve is majoring in Digital Media. He's in a film class and an audio class and it's surprising how much he doesn't neccesarily like film to how much he LOVES audio. He has always loved music!
-Steve hardly ever finds time to play the guitar, but when he does, Lilly and I both love it!
-Steve goes back and forth with what he wants to do... and what he thinks he can make money at... I try to convince him every day that unless you love what you are doing, you will never be as happy as you could be! He usually believes me!
-I have never in my life had enough time to worry about things being "tidy". Until now... So I'm trying to learn how to do these things... I mean.. I know how to do dishes and vacuum and stuff, but how do I keep it like that? I'm learning.. This week I've had a lot more success than in the past. I decided that I can't do short little sprints... I have to do a little each day. I would normally do the whole giant load of dishes that overcame my kitchen, it would take me an hour or two to do... and then I would be burnt out and wouldn't do them for another week, and then I would have a giant pile again. This week I tried to just do a little each day and I've almost have all my dishes done today... and I'm not sick of dishes!
-I have always thought I would end up with a big family, just like mine.. and actually just like Steves. I thought that after having Lilly I would immediately want another one, but I've been surprised to see how that has changed for me. I love having Lilly... and right now I feel so fulfilled with jsut the three of us that I don't see me wanting another child for a while. And even if we do have more kids, we probably won't have a big family... Which still weirds me out.
-I love having short hair, and I think it's so much fun!! But I'm ready to start growing it out again... the cool thing about what I've done with my hair is that 1) I get to actually cut off all of my dyed hair... an opportunity I never thought I would have... and be natural again and 2) enjoy all of the fun lengths from next to no hair, and really really long hair! It's like getting it cut backwards!
-I wish I danced more, but I LOVE teaching. I don't think the girls I teach know how much potential I see in them and how much I wish they wouldn't take any moment, any class, any plie for granted, because there may come a day when you won't be able to do it... and you are gonna look back and wish that you had given all of you. It fills me with the greatest joy when I actually see a girl do that.
-I love doing Pilates... I wish I could find time to do it every day!

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