Friday, October 31, 2008


I know... I've been a slacker about updating the blog since Lilly was born! I just have a very cute distraction!!

First of all... Lilly enjoys her baths now! The only part she doesn't like is coming out of the bath! I feel bad because I read something the next day that said when you put a baby in bum first it's like falling off a diving board backwards. So the next time I put her in I made sure to put her feet in first. She still was a little weirded out, but she knew it felt nice! Oh and not only that, but we only use that bath support for her head... we just let her splash in the water.

However, after that bath, she has almost permanently had that look on her face... It's cute though...

Front and Center had a halloween party and I brought my cute little family... I wanted us all to dress up in something that correlated with eachother... and we came up with Dog, Cat and Mouse! It was fun!

Oh... and we carved pumpkins! Steve's is awesome... the skeleton... Mines pretty cool but it was pretty easy... it was the sun.. The one in the middle isn't ours.. but it's still pretty cool!

Well, I will be better about posting... Lilly's baby blessing is on Sunday and everyone is welcome to come! 1:00 pm 225 e 200 n in Orem!


Heather Stott said...

yeah for un update!! I have been meaning to get after you guys! A month in newborn land is forever for the rest of us with out an update! She is starting to fill out her little cheeks, the picture of her in her mouse ears I want to say she looks like her mama? but I still cant be sure I will need to meet her and get up close and personal to give an accurate diagnosis! I hope to see you guys soon! loved all the pictures!

MaKayla said...

you guys look so cute. Lilly is cute

Despain said...

Haha how cute! Lilly is adorable! You guys were so fun for Halloween! Good luck in your future baths! I'm glad she enjoys them more now! :)


Samantha said...

How sweet! Lily is so cute, I love the costumes... :D

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