Friday, November 7, 2008


Lillian was blessed on November 2nd, 2008. Daddy gave her a beautiful blessing. We were so privelaged to have so many family and friends attend! I wish we would have taken more pictures of all the people that were there!

We were so happy that my Aunt Terry was there! We haven't seen Aunt Terry for a long time and it was so fun to have her out here! She got to meet Steve, Lilly, all of my sister Sarah's kids, and catch up with the rest of us, since we've all grown up! It's funny, everytime I see one of my mom's sisters, it weirds me out how much they look alike!!

Steve's parents were also there, but like I said, we didn't get hardly as many pictures as we should have! But we were so happy that Grandma and Grandpa Stott were able to be here!
Lilly looked gorgeous!! I loved her dress! She looked adorable! We tried to get her to sleep before the blessing so it would be quiet during the blessing... however Lilly had another agenda! She was perfectly happy and wide awake right up until the blessing.... which she screamed through the entire time!! After the blessing was over, she quieted right down and then quickly fell asleep! She's a booger sometimes!! But we love her!
After the blessing we all headed over to Steves Aunts house for lunch, where Jolene cooked like a maniac! We had so much food!! It was delicious though!
Lilly really did look adorable that day. We didn't take a whole lot of pictures, but she had professional pictures taken in her blessing dress, so when I get them I will post those so everyone can really see how adorable she is!


Kevin, Kelsey and Annalise.... said...

She is so precious! I can't wait to meet her!

Danielle Christiansen said...

rew was blessed the same day. She looks so cute! your shower was a lot of fun!

Heather Stott said...

how fun! it was so nice to hae you guys down for a little while this weekend, even though it was quick we got to hang out, and have our children meet! :) and it IS kinda creepy how much your mom and aunt look a like!! haha

Roy and Angie Smith said...

HEY! We were there too! Where the heck is our picture? We come all that way to see you guys and what do we get....? WHATEVER!!!
I Still love Steve

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