Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big Week!

It's been a crazy week... there has been a lot that has happened! I'll start with last weekend. My awesome studio Front and Center Dance Academy threw me and Lilly a baby shower!

It was SO much fun! I always love hanging out with my little dancers! They are so goofy! I love it! It was fun goofing off with them! We played that game where you eat the baby food and you have to guess what you were actually eating. I won that game! I had 3 out of 5 right, and the two that I missed were like, chicken and rice, and ham & pineapple & rice... no one could get those right!
We also played the game where they melted different candy bars or different types of chocolate in diapers and you have to smell them to try to figure out what kind of chocolate it is! The studio owner's daughter (who is 2 years old) was thouroughly disgusted that we were all sticking our faces in diapers... cause she knows what is in those things!!

I got many wonderful outfits for my daughter to grow into... I'm so excited to put her in them! I can't wait till she gets bigger! I think my favorite gift had to be the hair things though... I was so tired of trying to glue bows to her head... they never stuck! They would always fall off and even though she would be dressed head to toe in pink people would mistake her for a boy...just because she didn't have a bow! Anyway... Thanks FCDA!

So right after the baby shower we left for St. George. My Sister-in-law Heather had her baby baby boy and we wanted to visit and pick up Grandma so that she could make her flight home. While we were there we got to go visit Lilly's Great Grandma... which was really cool!

It really weirded me out to see how little Will was! And it was even weirder because Lilly was so much smaller than him when she was born! I can't believe how much she has grown!
Anyway, Will is awesome! He's so mellow! He sleeps all the time and hardly ever cries! Heather is doing an amazing job.. and I'm actually really jealous that she's recovered so quickly! I was still in pain for like 2 weeks after Lilly was born.

So then we made it back to up Orem, and had a couple of days to catch up. Then we were hit with the devastating news about my best friend Alicia's daughter Gabrielle Nicole. For more on that, read my previous post. FCDA had their performance on Friday which turned out amazing! Good job dancers! I'm proud of you! I wish I would have gotten more pictures... but I was too busy watching your amazing dances! Right after the performance we left yet again for St. George for Brie's funeral. Grandma Resa (my mom) was happy that we got to go back and visit some more since we didn't get to see her very much last weekend. We also got to visit Brandon and Heather again. I thought that Will might have woken up by now... but no! He was still as chill as ever. The only difference was that he looks a lot more like Brandon now!
Finally, we attended the funeral. I'm glad Steve and I got to go to the viewing to see their beautiful girl. It was a very special service. It was very short and sweet. We sang "I am a Child of God." Alicia and Matt were heartbroken of course, but they were also very much at peace with everything. Alicia said she really feels as if Brie was never meant to stay on earth. We went to eat at Chuck-a-rama afterwards and it was nice to be able to talk with Matt and Alicia about their future plans, the delivery, and a bunch of other things. I really missed my friend! Anyway... then we got back home. I finally get to slow down and take a break... yeah right!!


Hollee said...

Holy cow was that really all in one week??!! I would be so tired if I were you and had that busy of a week. But it sounds like you had fun for the most part. I am sorry about your friend and her husband. But it is true, their daughter was to special to stay on earth. She was that valiant of a spirit....My prayers are with them

The Slaters said...
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The Slaters said...

I am so glad you posted pictures of you guys and the babies! It is great to see my little bros as Dads :)I hope this week isn't as crazy for you.

Danielle Christiansen said...

Love the dance photo and your shower was really fun!

Kevin, Kelsey and Annalise.... said...

How fun to have will and Lilly together. I hope Annalise can be close to her cousins some time soon.....only time will tell

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