Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yeah.. we aren't feeling great at my house. Lilly and I have some sort of cough/cold/flu thingy... She has had a little bit of a cough the last couple of days, but last night she was coughing all night. She woke up and as soon as she found out it was time to go back to day care and that we were leaving, she started bawling... Screaming... hysterically.. I thought it was because she didn't want to leave, but then when I held her, I noticed she was really hot.. When I tried to distract her by singing some songs.. she calmed down a little but I could tell something was wrong. Steve decided to stay home from work for the first half of the day so I could go to my technique class, then I came home and skipped the rest of the day to be with her. She was fine because we had given her some tylenol.. I put her down for a nap and when she woke up, like half an hour later (our downstairs neighbors have a drumset in the bedroom directly below Lilly's room) she was REALLY sick.. pretty high fever, really out of it.. just staring out into space, whining every once in a while. I felt SO bad for her.. I wanted to try and fight it off without so much tylenol this time, but she was so miserable.. I couldn't NOT give it to her. It didn't help as much as it had earlier, but it did give her some energy back. We watched tinkerbell together and then she took a bath and that helped A LOT. We had to go to the store to get some things for lunch and when we got back we ate and then I noticed the tylenol was wearing off again cause her fever came back. I put her down for a nap so the fever can fight the sickness and she can get some rest, then I sat down on the couch.. and started coughing, and feeling tired and woosy and achey... I'm thinking some tylenol might help me a little! Stinks but it happens! We have been enjoying our day of disney movies though.

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