Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 2: Hospital visit #3 and Doctors visit #2 and #3

Lilly's stats have stayed the same... no improvements.. but not really getting worse.. she constantly breaths fast (60 breaths per minute) but is just barely getting enough oxygen to not be admitted in the hospital.

I called the nurse in the morning and she said that they weren't going to be able to get us into the office till 1...and to just call if it got worse than it was and they would try to squeeze us in earlier.. but to cancel if she got better..

I was not a happy mommy.

I made the appointment and canceled it later cause she tricks us when she is on ibuprofen because she acts like a normal baby and her fever is down...Plus I was just really unhappy with that... my  baby was sick and why was I the only one that could see that??? I knew they were just going to tell me to go back to the hospital  to get suctioned again and I think I would blow a fuse if that happened again. I decided I would just wait and see how it panned out.

Of course as soon as the ibuprofen wore off she was right back down to barely moving and barely crying and steamy hot, and as always breathing insanely fast..
I called the doctors office again and (Thank Heaven) got the nurse that helped us last night. She had been worried about her and said that she definitely needed to come in. She said that since they were so close to admitting her to the hospital last night we had to really keep an eye on her and just hold tight till we could see the doctor.

Thank heaven for good nurses... personally I think they are more comforting than good doctors.

She called me back 10 minutes later and said that she rallied the on call doctor from last night and the on call doctor from today so we had a clear view of what has been happening. They decided Lilly needed to be seen right away and they had squeezed us a spot in the office. Doctors visit #2.

As we walked in, that wonderful nurse was just walking by and she ushered us quickly into a room they had ready for us. We didn't even stop at all in the waiting room. As that nurse ( I wish I knew her name) was checking stats she told us that she went home and told her husband about us and about Lilly and how sweet she was last night.. and even the little things like the glow bug that we had with us.. just made the whole thing so tender... she said her husband even started to tear up a little... how sweet is that?

So they found no change in the stats.. surprise surprise... The doctor found that she is getting ear infections in both ears. He also told us that it was unlikely that she has pneumonia, and if she did it would be very mild, but he wanted to see a chest xray anyway.


So hospital trip #3! And probably the most traumatizing. Infant chest x-rays are like torture devices... it doesn't hurt them but it's like a plastic straight-jacket with their arms sticking straight up and just a little tiny hole for her head... it was awful! 45 minutes later:

Pneumonia in both lungs. At the base of her left lung and middle of her right. As long as she kept getting enough oxygen she wouldn't have to be admitted, but she would need some major antibiotics right away. We went back to the office (Doctors visit #3) to get an injection of antibiotics and then we went home. It's amazing how news travels... somehow.. I'm sure via facebook.. someone is friends with someone whose friends with someone... our home teacher found out about us and asked if they could bring us dinner tonight... life savers. I'm home and can actually cook.. but I haven't slept in a LONG time.. so that's where we are right now. Sitting at home, waiting for dinner, watching Lilly closely.. surprisingly unaware of how little attention has been spent on our own personal hygiene.. I hope our home teacher can breath in here.


Nicole said...

oh, man!!! Sorry to hear about Lilly. Hope she gets better soon!

Kate said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Lilly, poor girl! We went through almost this exact same thing with Kennedy back in August, and I can sympathize with you that it is not fun! It's so hard to see your little one in pain and all the procedures they do on them are not fun! Like Lilly, Kennedy also had to have oxygen, breathing treatments, be suctioned, infant chest x-rays and then stay overnight in the hospital. It's scary for the parents! I'm glad they finally figured out what was wrong though and I hope the antibiotics work quickly and she's back to her normal self soon. We'll be thinking of you guys. Hope you can all get some rest tonight.

Roy and Angie Smith said...

Wow, I am glad you pushed for the chest x-ray. Well we hope you all feel better soon. Isn't it great when so many people care? (nurses, friends, home teachers)

Heather Stott said...

wow! glad you finally figured out what it was, not that it was good news, but still it's nice to at least know. wish we lived close so we could help out! just move here! :)

Tom and Juli said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe you guys had to go through all of that! Poor Lily! Poor you! It's so hard to see your children go through thingsl ike that!

Hospitals/doctors/nurses are hard. Especially nurses.. when you finally get a great one and their shift changes! I hope Lily recovers quickly, I'll be praying for her! Props to Steve for holding the priesthood and giving her a blessing!

That picture 2 posts down breaks my heart. :( Hang in there!!

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