Saturday, February 6, 2010

Semi-anti-climatic day...

CDP UPDATE: Finished my piece today.. yet was unable to have a successful run.. dancers are a little confused as to the timing of the ending and it's fairly clean.. but not quite as I would like it. I only have 1 more hour with them on monday and it's on stage so hopefully we are able to work quickly and well! Still though.. it's done and  I don't have to choreograph any more... just make it look good!

Due to the craziest week ever, I had rehearsals scheduled on every day of my Anatomy class this week and I had a test I had to take today. After HOURS of studying 1 chapter, I decided I felt like I was ready.. Went to the CTC and stood in line for an hour before I got my test... and failed miserably... holy cow... I really need to get serious about this class if I'm going to pass it!

Good thing I have a sweet baby girl and an awesome hubby to go home to... otherwise I would have to call this a bad day..Instead it's just a semi-anti-climatic day... I think Lilly and I are gonna go for a walk!

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