Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hospital Trip #2

I'm tired.. but I don't want to not write this down so this is quick.

Lilly woke up about every 20-30 minutes coughing and crying. she got up to about 60 breaths per minute which is high. I called the number I was supposed to and got an on call nurse who told me I just needed to go back into the hospital for another suction. We did that... rolling our eyes the whole time.. it didn't help her last time.. why would it this time. The guy who did the suction last time was still there. Checked her oxygen levels and they were still ok-ish... 90-91. He didn't do a full suction, just a little one... but even he knew it wouldn't help. He was just a nurse so he couldn't tell us anything, but he was hinting towards the fact that she might not have RSV, but rather something like pneumonia, and under his breath cursed the doctor for not doing his job and ordering breathing treatments. So.. we are back at home.. .just waiting 4 more hours till we can call the Sunday on call doctor and have the whole situation looked at. Same thing... keep her fever down, have her drink lots of water, don't watch breaths so much, but rather if it is labored and if she starts changing colors then call someone or take her somewhere... But the guy said she'd probably be fine till morning... just breaks my heart... the poor little girl is completely miserable and there isn't anything we can do till morning. 

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Heather Stott said...

SOOO sorry to here about your nights adventures.. and then getting sent all over the place! :( porr little girl! give her lots of love from her auntie! sorry you guys arn't getting sleep either sick babies are THE WORST! :( hope she gets better soon!

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