Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not mending very well...

Ok... Crappy night of all crappy crap crap... excuse my language... 

So you know how Lilly was sick, but getting better... load.. o'... (you guessed it)...


She was fine today.. not great... she just had a lingering cough from being sick on Tuesday and felt a little warm.. but she was fine. We went to our neighbors brunch (they are good friends of ours and just got sealed today.. we would have gone to the sealing, but didn't want Lilly to go to a babysitter since she hadn't been feeling perfect and our babysitter/brother has a newborn) and we also watched Daddy play 3 hours of ward basketball.. Lilly really enjoyed that! She was doing fine all day.. until about 7ish tonight. Her fever came back and she started breathing really fast and was VERY lethargic. We thought she was just tired so we gave her some tylenol (even though I said I wouldn't) and put her to bed. I went in to check on her about 30 minutes later.. figuring I hadn't heard from her so she was probably sleeping.. just wanted to check her breathing.. she was kind of asleep... but breathing really fast and every once in a while almost hold her breath for a second. Worried me so we took her out of her crib and held her for a bit.She started to get a little better so we put her back in. About half hour later I went back in to check on her and she was awake.. breathing super fast.. and just kept reaching down to make her glow bug sing constantly... probably the only thing that could comfort her cause she probably wasn't getting enough oxygen to cry very loud. I had a bad feeling so we got her out again and I called the after-hour physician. They had us bring her in and they checked her oxygen levels and temperature and concluded that she has


She had a temperature of 103-point-something and they said we didn't give her enough tylenol for how big she was.. (btw... she has lost a pound from her 15 month appointment.) So they gave her more motrin. Her oxygen levels weren't good... but not awful either.. they were borderline. She bounced up and down from 82(which is really bad) and up to 90 (which is acceptable) and everywhere in between... they gave us an order to go to the hospital and suction her lungs out, and if it improved her levels then we could take her home, but if not we had to admit her and put her on oxygen. I freaked out... We have crappy insurance and a night at the hospital would cost us an arm and a leg.. I wanted to do it though because I didn't want to have her stop breathing in the middle of the night and not know what to do or not even know about it cause she isn't on a monitor or something. So we were hoping the suction would make her feel better.

We didn't go straight to the hospital, we went home first because I thought it was important that our baby got a blessing. We called our neighbor Jason who just recently got the Melchizedek priesthood and was just sealed to his family today, to come help with the blessing. It was cool because it was his first blessing ever given... We are grateful that he was able and willing to help us out.. We are glad for good friends.. and the Lords amazing timing. Steve gave a quick blessing, but a good blessing... Lilly didn't like having oil and hands on her head, and we wanted to get to the hospital. I love the priesthood... and I love my husband for having it!

Because of our CRAPPY insurance, we were sent to Timpanogos Hospital, got into the emergency room, then was told the system just changed and they don't take our insurance, and we needed to go to Orem Community emergency room... Went there and they sent us to Utah Valley because they have a clinic there and are much better suited to do a suction... I was about to go insane! But I did feel better about going to Utah Valley because we wouldn't be in an emergency room, but an RSV clinic where all they do is suction out babies! (cheaper... Steve was happy). The Motrin that the doctor gave Lilly helped her a lot and she was now awake and walking around.. she was still breathing fast but she was feeling better which was a little comforting. She got hooked up to the monitors and found her oxygen levels at a more consistent 89-90. That was better.. not amazing... but better. They suctioned her and hardly got anything out. It just ticked her off. Didn't help her at all either... so we called the doctor and he said that at 90 we should just go home and watch her closely.. which is where we are right now. We just have to watch for high fevers and really fast breathing. And give her lots of water and feed her anything she wants to eat.

Not sleeping tonight.

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