Thursday, February 4, 2010

I have NOT been slacking!

Just so you know! I am almost completely finished with my piece.. I have about 1:30 left of pas de duex left and then i'm ALL DONE!!! I'm so excited!!! A couple of days ago i got completely stuck. It was right after I finished my first movement.. I had NO idea what I wanted to do with my second movement and I completely blanked for like 2 days straight.. no sleep cause I was too worried about it.. and even if I did fall asleep I was dreaming in failed choreography... I finished my second rehearsal and got in my car... and thought... DUH.. this is what I need to do! so I came back the next day and whipped out like... 3 minutes of choreography! It's pretty sweet! Tomorrow I work with the couple and hopefully by the end of tomorrow it will all be done and I can just clean all Saturday! and on monday I can breeze through spacing and all will be well! I am also a lot happier with the costume choices that we made today.. instead of all black I will have a little bit of color on stage! You all better come to the concert! Feb 11-12 at the Ragan Theater!

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Roy and Angie Smith said...

I performed once at the Regan Theater when I was in a dance class in Jr. High!!! Ahh the good old days. Sorry we won't be able to make it. But best of luck!

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