Monday, February 8, 2010

I need my sanity..

So I did something bad... I hate doing this..

At UVU the seniors have to use UVU students in order to choreograph a piece that they perform at the end of the semester. There are a few seniors in RBE and Missy has been trying to round up RBE members to be in her piece. I agreed to it initially because I wanted to help out, and not a lot of people were lining up for it...

This semester has been crazy and I've been having to find any way I can to save my sanity.. The difference I have noticed between me and other students there is that I CAN"T nor do I really WANT to fully commit to school... I can't give all of myself to UVU like the other students can.... I hate to say it.. but Its more important for me to have a life than others kids.. because I have a family that is higher priority. So anyway... the way this semester is playing out I am taking any extra time I can to regain sanity so I can fulfill my homely responsibilities... let's face it.. I'm not a machine and I get tired and worn out. So today I told Missy that I couldn't be in her piece. She wasn't happy.... she walked away from me without saying anything... I hate it when people are mad at me... but I did it for my sanity and for my daughter so oh well.. I still feel bad!

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Michelle said...

you deserve to be happy and sane even if it means that other people are mad at you!! hang in there :)

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