Thursday, March 26, 2009

6 Months

(The reason why I said "Turn it off" is because she was kind enough to look away from the camera to spit up all down the back of me!! )

Lillian went in for her 6 month appointment today!
-26 Inches: 64th percentile

-13 lbs 3 oz: 8th percentile

The doctor said she was healthy and fabulous... She's been eating baby food for a while now and sometimes she is very interested and sometimes she isn't. It always helps if I eat it with her though... so we only eat the things I can tolerate to put in my mouth! The doctore said I should give her a graham cracker once in a while with a sippy cup and a little bit of water. We tried it today, and I think that the graham cracker just got soggy and all over her pretty clothes... but she liked it! She couldn't quite figure out the sippy cup just yet, but she REALLY liked the water... but I've always known that... when she takes a bath she bends over to try to taste the water... yucky!!
She hasn't really started sitting up yet... she can by herself for a few seconds if there is something interesting in front of her, but then she falls over!! It's so much fun to see her growing up!!

Lillian has been rolling over like a crazy woman for some time now.. it's now her form of transportation. If I put her down I better make sure everything within a five foot radius is baby safe! She has started getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth... but usually she just plops down!

She's such a sweetheart!! We love her!!


Roy and Angie Smith said...

She is getting SO cute! We wish we could see you guys more often so that I can corrupt your baby...but I am sure that Steve is doing that already!

Kevin, Kelsey and Annalise.... said...

I cant believe how mobile she is...Annalise didn't move until 12 months...I can't wait to see her. Tell her to stop growing until August!

Heather Stott said...

oh my gosh! 8th% that is the littlest thing ever! that is like how little the triplets were! haha.. she is such a light weight, william would crush her.. I bet she is the cutest little thing ever!! I cant wait to see her again! oh and when I watched the little video clip I was holding a fussy william and he emediately stopped and starred at the computer when you were talking and holding Lillian. It was funny. It was like hey there's my friend. oh I can't wait to see them together in august probably crawling all over the place by then.

The Johnston Family said...

Hey Ellie! I found your blog through various other blogs... :) wow! Your girl is so grown up! You know, it's REALLY sad considering the fact you live RIGHT down the street from us and we still have yet to see or do anything with you! We need to change that, pronto!

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