Tuesday, May 26, 2009

FCDA's Concert

FCDA had our spring concert on May 20th. It was CRAZY!!! The date of the show changed a few times, and so we didn't get to have a dress rehearsal in the covey center before the girls performed. It was pretty crazy, but very good! My classes did a very condensed version of Sleeping Beauty... I always love doing these short little ballets cause it's not just about the technique... I like to see the girls acting! They laugh about it in class, but on stage they actually do a really good job! We did our first pas de duex, which turned out pretty good once Sammy got over dancing with a boy! Kirk did our prince and he did a great job because he's a ballroom dancer... it helped a lot cause he had good rythem and good posture! The only bad part was the finale... we only got to run in a few times all together so there was a little hesitation on the cues, and there were some costume hang ups, and just some timing issues, but really it was just the ending... everything else went very smoothly and I was very proud of my girls!!

So Steve and Lilly made their debut on stage! Steve and I played the King and Queen and Lilly played the baby Aurora! Steve and Lilly were out in the audience and Steve thought it would be fine to let Lilly suck on the program, which was bright pink. Lilly's costume was a white onsie and a pink tutu... needless to say, her white onsie was no longer white... Which was ok...I kept her close to me on stage so it was just fine! Steve was really good on stage... he only had like 1 practice. Anyway, after their performance they were pretty tired!

I got to dance at the concert too... it was a lot of fun.. I haven't been on a stage performing for a long time, so it was kind of weird and a little unnerving, but it was a lot of fun!

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Danielle Christiansen said...

hopefully you got those pics I sent of Eeeping too.

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