Saturday, May 16, 2009

Holy cow!

Ok so it's been a while. A lot is going on! First of all, Lilly is a crawling maniac now. She doesn't army crawl anymore, she is already crawling on her hands and knees. Blows my mind! I have a video of the first time she started crawling like that, but it's on my phone and I don't know how to get it off. About a week ago, she also started kneeling, which I didn't think would be very much harder, but it turns out when they start kneeling, they can pull EVERYTHING out and onto the floor! And not only that, but she figured out that if she kneels in her crib she can see out into the living room, so she has since learned how to keep herself awake and cry at us. It is seriously the saddest thing! She hardly ever sleeps... This is how it happened!
And yesterday, she decided that she could pull herself up to standing in her crib. And today she decided that she can pull herself up to standing just about anwhere something is the right height. Car seat, couch, tv stand, you name it... It is really cute though!! I can't believe how big she is, yet still so little! 7 months old and 14 lbs 13 oz. My little baby doll! This is a video of the 3rd time she stood up by herself.. Excuse the dripping wet from slobber onsie!

School is going pretty good! I'm so glad I went back! I'm learning so much! The first day wasn't so good... but progressively it's getting better! My knee hasn't hurt me one bit so let's hope that keeps up!

CDA had their concert today! It was REALLY good! All my dancers did such a good job! Makes me sad cause I love my girls! I'm gonna miss them so much! I made these tutus for them so enjoy the pictures!


Heather Stott said...

love the pics and video of lilly! so dang cute! I can't believe you haven't lowered her mattress yet. We need to see you guys before August! it's way too far away and going by so slow. I can't wait.

Lauren said...

Yay Ellie! I was missing your blog posts! However, I definitely know how crazy it can get! i loved all the pictures - i still can't believe how much Lilly's growing - she's so advanced already, it seems! Thanks for all your guys' help with the surgery and everything - we couldn't have done it without you! Love ya SOO much! :D

Danielle Christiansen said...

Crew is close to crawling for a month now he just gets lazy.

Kevin, Kelsey and Annalise.... said...

That is the worst! As soon as they learn how to pull themselves up, they don't want to sleep anymore!! I can't believe how mobile Lilly is! Annalise didn't start pulling her self up, walking or crawling until she was a year old, I am sorry the sitting stage is over for you. I am sure you motivate her as she watches you dance!

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