Monday, December 15, 2008

Half of Fifty!

(Excuse my voice on thie video... it's kind of loud, and not really nice to listen to!)

Yesterday was Steve's birthday! His Birthday wasn't just one day though.. we kind of celebrated it all weekend! Friday night our little family went out to dinner at Fridays and they came and sang to him... a little embarrasing because it was just the 3 of us! But we got free ice cream so it was totally worth it! Then on Saturday we went up to Steve's Aunts house to go to a bridal shower, and then we got to hang out with a bunch of family/friends. We ate at Rumbi's and then went to a show at Comedy Sports, where we got to see even more friends! It was a pretty good show! Then we went to another friends house for hot chocolate! So that was pretty fun! Then yesterday we had Steve's brother and his wife over for homemade pizza and cake! I was the master decorator of the cake, and didn't quite figure out soon enough that one black gel tube wasn't enough to write a complete "Happy Birthday Steve." I got to about "Happy Bir" and then realized that at best I could get Happy Birth... which would still make sense.. but I squeezed and stole from other letters, and made the last part super small, but I got the full "Happy Birthday" Then I decided that I would write Steve in candles. Of course, I ran out of candles to do the entire Steve, so I settled for Stev.... which is totally acceptable because I call him Stev all the time!! Not only that, but that put all the candles on one side which made it look like the cake was on fire! Anyway, it was fun, but more importantly, I wanted to celebrate Steve! 25 years ago, he was brought into this world, and has done so many wonderful things, and contributed so much to this world. This world is a happier place because of Steve. Steve... Lilly and I love you so much!! Your the best husband and Daddy ever! Happy Birthday!


Jackie said...

Happy Birthday Steve!!!

Danielle Christiansen said...

Happy Bday Steve!

Heather Stott said...

yeah for a new post! and Happy Happy Birthday Brother!

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