Monday, February 2, 2009

Family Family Family

Ok... So I love my family very much and I'm glad that we've been able to spend a lot of time lately with them, but I've looked back at my last few posts, and it seems like all I've been blogging about lately is my family... it's just cause everybody keeps visiting!! I promise this is my last one. My sister had her baby!! They stil haven't named her yet, but her older brother Noah has temoporarily named her Lucy. Even though Sarah and Brad don't like that name permanently, it's kinda sticking, and if they don't name her soon, then they won't have a choice but to name her Lucy. Anyway, I'm excited Lilly finally has a girl cousin on my side! She's very pretty! Lucy was like 7 lbs 4 oz I think.. so Lilly was even smaller than her... I can't believe how big Lilly has gotten! Lilly went to the doctors and she was only 11 lbs 3 oz.. Still wittle for her age! By the way, I think 4 months is my favorite! She is figuring out how to roll over. She's been able to do it for a while now, but it only happens when she's MAD! She just barely did it for the first time happy today! I think she could do it if she wants, but she just doesn't really want to do it. Anyway, I'll leave you with some pictures of the babies!

This is little Lucy... Isn't she beautiful??

I like this picture because she just looks like... Oh man... Why did these three crazy boys have to come before me? Couldn't I have come first so that I could have had at least a little peace and quiet?

Mason loves his baby sister!

Here is the girl cousins!! She's so little comparatively!

And finally some cute pictures of my baby girl!


Heather Stott said...

congrats to your sister, and how fun that she had a girl for lilly to play with. I can't believe she is still not even 12 lbs. Will was 12 lbs at his 2 month. haha... we will see on Friday what he weighs for his three month. I am guessing 15 lbs. ill let you know. he will be three months tomorrow.

The Slaters said...

Caitlin is loving the pictures of all the babies.....keep up the family postings, we love them! Congrats to your sister and the first girl cousin :)

E & K said...

HA HA HE HE! I love the last pic. of Lilly! She is soooo cute!! So is your sisters baby!!

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