Saturday, June 21, 2008

Steve's Promotion

Hey! So I finally decided to jump on the Blog Train! Everytime I read someone elses blog I get really mad at myself that I never take the time and energy to create my own blog. But here I am on a Saturday afternoon, waiting for Steve to get home, so now is a better time than any!

Steve's been working at Teleperformance for 6 months now as a Dell Technician (Tech support.. it's a phone job). He has sincerely disliked his job since the day they put him on the phones, but he has stuck with it because he knew that with a baby on the way, we would need the benefits as well as the pay.

About a month ago, he told me that there was a few openings for a trainer position at Dell, but neither of us expected that he would even apply for the job. He was merely letting me know because a few of the other technicians were wanting to apply, which we thought was HILARIOUS because going from a technician to a trainer is ridiculous! We could understand them taking supervisors, or RS's... or even dispatchers, but not technicians... they are like.. bottom of the ladder!

Well, A couple weeks ago, Steve ran into his own trainer and sat down to chat with him about the hilarity of the open positions and the people who were lining up to fill them... To his surprise, his trainer actually said that Steve should at least try for the job, because if these other people have a shot, then he should too! After a little while, Steve decided... why not?! It's worth a shot... and who knows... maybe he would actually get it!? He turned in the paperwork, and kind of forgot about until the day after our vacation. Steve went in to work and was told immediately that he would be interviewed the next morning. He came home with a stack of papers that he was supposed to give a presentation on the next morning during the interview. He looked over the papers for about 5 minutes, then did a test presentation on me. We threw together an outline of the presentation, and we were done.. Prep of about 20 minutes. The next morning, he dressed up to go into work, and although we both understood it was quite a long shot for a technician to become a trainer, especially since a lot of the other interviewees were supervisers and such, we couldn't shake the feeling that he might actually get this job! We tried not to get our hopes up too high, but we did. Steve told me that he though his interview went well, but it was really hard to read them. The next day, I picked Steve up from work and he had a really weird smile on his face.. I couldn't tell if it was a smile like, "oh well.. it was fun while it lasted" or a smile like "Holy Crap I got the job!"

I pulled up next to him and he said.. "Ellie.. I have some good news. I got a 93% on my last quality assurance call.... oh and uh.. I got the job!"

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