Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One Year

July 7 was Steve and I's first anniversary. Oh boy... it was crazy. I told Steve that since he planned the honeymoon, I would be fine taking charge of the first anniversary. I planned this whole thing... it was going to be amazing! First of all, I was going to take Steve to a park we used to go to when we were dating. I was going to play music and have a letter there for him, and we would have an appetizer there, and just have a picnic.. Then I would take him over to the park where he proposed to me, have dinner, another letter, and music. Then I would take him over to the temple and have dessert, the third letter, music, candles, gift exchange... the whole thing... it was going to be so romantic!

"Was" being the key word...

So we went to the first park, where my dad was supposed to have set up the blanket, and the food and everything, so it would have been already done and everything, however... we found a blanket on the bench, and no appetizer. I had to set it all up myself with him there, and all I did was make Steve read the first letter, and then we left. LAME-O.

So then we went to the second park, and my dad had totatally redeemed himself. I didn't tell him exactly where to set it up, but he found the exact spot Steve proposed. Our food (and appetizers) were there and everything was set up really nice. I started to set up the music.. and it decided not to work... oh well. So he read the letter and we started to eat our food, just as a swarm of mesquitoes started to eat us! It was absolutely ridiculous! I have like, 10 bites from the 10 minutes we were out there! I'm allergic to mesquito bites, and I can't take Benedryl cause I'm pregnant, so we had to go sit in the car! I didn't have the nerve to stay there another second and get a picture... sorry.

So then we went to the temple, and I got everything set up. It was so romantic looking with all the candles, and sparkling cider, the music, chocolate strawberries, our top layer of our wedding cake... beautiful.

And then there were sprinklers....

Yes. My attempts at having a romantic anniversary celebration was totally crushed... That's ok though, because it will definitly be memorable! Plus it didn't mean any less to Steve or me! Either way, we are both so happy to have eachother, and we are both still SO in love, and we both look forward to the many anniversaries to come!

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Sarah said...

haha very funny story. At least you get to have some laughs about it and that is what is most important.

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