Wednesday, July 2, 2008

St. George

So, this last weekend we went down to St. George to Max's temple endowment. It was pretty...bitter sweet! We drove down to St. George with my dad on Friday night, expecting my sisters family who lives in Kaysville to beat us down there because they were saying they were going to leave early. When we got there, we found that they hadn't even left their house yet. They finally got out of their house around 10:30 PM and didn't arrive in St. George till 4:30 AM! Apparently Sarah and Noah were sitting in the back seat, taking turns puking into a cup! Noah was feeling better in the morning, but Sarah was not! We all felt so bad, but she was too sick to go to the temple with Max! So there were only the five of us that went, and it was beautiful! Max said that he loved it and it was such a wonderful experience to see my family in there together! We ate down in the temple cafeteria and it was delicious! Max's girlfriend, Lindsay, waited outside the temple for us and we took pictures! It was GREAT!
When we got home, Sarah was feeling better and we decided that we should take the kids out of the house! We went to "downtown" St. George, where the new water fun stuff is on Main Street. The boys loved it! Here are some friggen cute pics of them playing in the water!

The next morning, I woke up, went upstairs... thinking that everyone had been healthy when we went to bed, so I was expecting that everyone was healthy in the morning. I was wrong. I heard the weirdest heaving noise there ever was! Brad sounded like a friggen donkey! Anyway, it was very sad that Brad was sick. It pretty much kicked his butt all day. He was pretty annoyed when I took this picture.. he said that it made him look really pathetic.. I said, "You are pretty pathetic looking right now, so we need to remember this moment!" We left that night and later on found out that my mom had also caught the sickness. Steve and I, however, remain healthy! Good thing too, if one of us would have gotten sick I probably would have had a meltdown!


Sarah said...

Nice Blog Ellie! I am sure that Brad will appreciate your story about him. You also got some cute pictures of the boys.

teresa said...

Ellie you left out the items you told Max he would need in the temple. Guess it was best!

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