Friday, September 26, 2008

When's it MY turn?

So here is just a little update for those of you who haven't heard from me in a while. By the way... I'm sorry about that. I just feel bad cause I don't have ANYTHING exciting to report! I'm am now 38 1/2 weeks. The hope that she would come early is slowly fading... and I'm just hoping that she won't be over due! I went into the doctor on Wednesday to see if I had progressed at all... and the doctor I was supposed to see was out at another delivery. So I saw the midwife that helps out at the office. I used to really like this lady, she's the one who checked me last time. She spent about 2 seconds in the room with me... and pretty much just decided that she didn't care to check my progress. She couldn't give me a number that I was dilated to. The only thing she said is that I had progressed. That's it. So I was pretty frustrated as I walked out of my room, when the nurse caught me to tell me that the midwife ordered a non stress test for me... for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON!! So I had to go sit at the hospital for another couple hours while they check the babies heart rate, which was perfect anyway! It was all very frustrating. Especially because I'm getting so antsy to meet my daughter. I left my job a couple weeks ago, so I've been sitting at home, cleaning the babies room, reading, and just waiting. I've been watching "A Baby Story" and without fail I cry everytime the mommy and daddy get their baby. And I just can't help but think... When is it going to be MY turn to get our baby? We are SO ready for Lilly to come home to us! It's seriously killing us to wait any longer! I know this may sound weird, but it feels like we already know her... like we are just waiting for her to come home... like we miss her! Anyway... I know this is ridiculous because I haven't even reached my due date yet, but Steve and I are just VERY ready to bring our baby into this world. BLAH!!

36 weeks...


Roy and Angie Smith said...

Ellie, your turn will come, patience my friend... she is starting to teach you that a little early I think! Don't forget to let us know when you do have her. We have the cutest present for her and we are so excited to give it to you all!

Heather Stott said...

Sorry! ugh, I know your pain and I still have 6 more weeks. That's why I have told my self this whole pregnancy that he will probably come late. It still sucks the waiting! and I am so mad you didn't get checked when you were at the doctors office! sham on the midwife! :( hopefully we will be getting a call soon saying you are in labor and you are at the hospital! call us anytime! day or night if this does happen! good luck! at least you are ready for the baby to come!

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