Friday, October 16, 2009

The Mall

We went to the mall yesterday with some people from RBE and we stayed a little while longer to do some shopping for some upcoming family pictures! We ate at the food court and I captured a little bit of what it's like to go places with Lilly. She has started doing this new thing.. .She is learning how ot do a pirouette! (a ballet turn!) Really she just turns around in circles and makes herself dizzy. And then she wanders around to meet all the people that are around us. It's pretty fun.

Fun story about the mall. We were right by deseret book when Lilly looked at us very intently and asked us for milk by signing. We realized that she hadn't had her afternoon milk yet so we ran into deseret book and bought her some milk... then we ran all the way down to the food court to find her a straw... asked a few different people for one, finally got one.. found a table, sat down opened her milk and got it all ready. She took one good sip from the straw... looked up at daddy with a smile and signed, "All Done!" And she was...shewouldn't have any more of it! Gotta love her!


Heather Stott said...

too funny that she kust keeps spinning and spinning! that is hilarious. and I can't believe her stats from her 1 year check up, she doesn't seem like shes that little does she?! she is SO cute! and Im very serprised I didn't see a bow/flower in her hair!

The Slaters said...

I cant believe how much older she looks in just two months. She is so cute!!! BTW we are going out to Utah at Christmas time so we will be able to see Lilly and all of her cuteness in person...I can't wait.

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