Thursday, October 15, 2009


Weight - 17.66 lbs. 5.22%
Length - 29.7 in. 71.62%
Head - 17.5 in. 32%

My baby is a super model... she needs some meat on her bones!

Lilly has started communicating lately! We got some signing videos and Lilly LOVES them. She honestly could watch them all day long. She stands about a foot away from the tv and just stares at the screen. She doesn't really laugh or smile or anything like that too much, but she won't take her eyes off! I started to worry about it cause she wasn't picking up the signs yet and I was kind of afraid I was turning her brain into mush, but she actually is signing now! She is signing a bunch of different words and she is starting to speak too. She says mama and dada... but it's still really random and i'm not sure she always means mama and dada when she says it...So her first real word was KITTY! We went down to Grandma Eldredges house this last weekend and she chased her kitty around for hours... She was so excited about that cat! Everytime we saw the cat we would sign it and say "kitty". Well one time the cat came around and she actually said the word "Kitty"! And everytime the cat came around after that she would say some form of kitty... ticky..... kiki......kitchee..... keessee.... titi.... I'll buy all of them! She even started pinching her cheeks which is her version of the sign for cat! But she signs a bunch of things here they are:

-Daddy (Daddy was actually gone this last week on a business trip... every morning when she would wake up she would ask for daddy and I felt so bad that he wasn't there... so towards the end of the week when she would ask for daddy I would show her pictures of him and she would smile and laugh! )
-All done
-Juice (I think.. she did it for the first time today)

*She hasn't signed these words yet, but she understands them when I sign them to her.

I know I haven't gotten a good video up of this yet, but she is a walking maniac! She doesn't crawl at all anymore unless she is really close to something. She always prefers to walk. I can't always contain her in a grocery store anymore cause she wants to be down and walking around. I let her a lot of times cause it's ridiculous to try to hold her.. she going to jump right out of my arms one of these days. And she'll stay in the cart for a little while but she gets mad and starts screaming. So I'll take her out and let her roam around if I'm gonna be in a section for a little while. Of course she tries to pull everything off the shelves so I've become one of those moms that runs around the grocery store saying sorry to everyone cause my child is in the way! It's a pain but it's kinda fun too. She has even tried to start running lately, but she usually only gets a few steps before she tumbles over. She knows this so she will only run to us if we are pretty close... she gets excited and bolts for us so she can fall into our arms! (We love her!) This usually comes about when we play the "I'm gonna get you" game. Usually when this game is played with a child, the child runs away to stop from being tickled.. Lilly does the opposite...We say "I'm gonna get you" and she runs head on for us! It's pretty much the only way we can keep her out of places we don't want her to go like the kitchen or the bathroom.. all we have to say is I'm gonna get you and she completely forgets about what she was going for! It seriously works better than picking her up and moving her or trying to distract her with toys!

Another thing that we have started doing is playing imagination games. Grandma Eldredge got Lilly a baby purse for her birthday... it came with a mirror and car keys and a bracelet and fake lipstick. I showed her a few times how to use the lipstick and now when I pick it up she puckers her lips and sticks out her chin so I can put lipstick on her! She carries her purse all over the place and loves it when I put the keys in the pretend car and drive her around the house!

Sorry no pictures! I gotta get my camera out!

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