Saturday, April 10, 2010

Daddy is cooking!

Yes... that is right...

I am a busy woman. I go to school full-time which means I am at school from 9am to 5:30 pm EVERYDAY. And if that weren't enough.. I still have TONS of homework and extra things that I do. So when the "dinner" task comes up... it's a difficult thing to spend my precious time on. So here are some of the vicious cycles I get into.

I get on this kick about saving money and being a homemaker, yet don't properly plan for meals so for a few days I spend my evenings figuring out something to cook, getting the ingredients and cooking, and doing the dishes after. Then... it's bedtime.. I have spent my whole evening worrying about dinner. A couple days of that pass and then by the end of each meal I'm too tired and too stressed out about other things and let the dishes go.

After several days of that... I come home from a particular exhausting day and either 1) the dishes I need to cook in are dirty... and I don't have it in me to spend MORE time washing them before I use them 2)I either don't have the ingredients I need or they have gone bad or 3) I just cannot muster up the energy to give my evening to the kitchen... so we get on a take-out round. Both Steve and i are taken back by how easy it is and we end up doing that for several days because we can't muster up our energy to start this viscous cycle again.

But no more...

I am a good wife, for many reasons... but in the 1950's there is no one who would marry me. I'm just as busy as Steve so why should I have to do all the house work as well... So I revolted... I told Steve he had to either start cooking... or start cleaning.. He was fine with that... my wonderful husband is so agreeable . I love him. After a short discussion... we figured out a plan.We would take turns... On the nights I cook, he does dishes and vice versa.
Monday: Steve cooks
Tuesday: Our 1 night a week to get food to-go because we both have comedy sportz and lets be realistic... cooking isn't gonna happen.
Wednesday: Steve cooks again (I teach dance Monday and Wednesday and don't get home till 7)
Thursday: I cook
Friday: I cook again
Saturday: Steve cooks
Sunday:I cook

Oh I love it. We've been going strong for 3 weeks now. Don't get me wrong.. a schedule like this rarely ALWAYS holds up but even when we do end up having to grab something on the way to something, we don't have to fight about who has to choose or whatever... It's just nice. And I must say... Steve is a great cook... I've had almost 3 years of practice and he is showing me up like nobody's business...I try to keep up with him sometimes but I have fallen flat on my face (I don't know why the spinach-stuffed portabello mushrooms sounded good... they were awful!)

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Kevin, Kelsey and Annalise.... said...

Good for you!!!
I have recently gotten on Kevin's case about the house stuff too. I know I am home most of the day, but I am also 8 1/2 months pregnant, which makes it a little hard to be super woman all the time.

I hope you will get a little bit of a break when this semester ends. You need time for yourself, and time with Lilly and Steve.(It does wonders for the soul)

Good luck with your concerts this week!

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