Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 09

What an amazing Christmas!

From Steves parents:
Comfy Cozy sweaters for Steve and I
A ton of Gift Cards
A ton of clothes and books for Lilly
Blocks for Lilly that she loves!
A really cool stuffed Monkey.. It's quickly becoming an essential for Lilly.
- crap.. i knew i should have made a list earlier.. There's tons more I promise.
Matt and Lauren had us for Christmas and they got us the really cool cranium and some movies! I'm so excited to play it!

Christmas Morning:
I made Lilly a stocking late Christmas Eve and we brought it in to her when she woke up... inside?

- 7 new binky's (or deedee's as Lilly calls them)
- A sippy cup filled with hot chocolate
- A chocolate covered marshmallow Santa Clause already opened... cause Santa knew that Lilly couldn't open the package
- A Glitter Ball - she has always wanted one.
- A tradition in my family - bubble bath in the girls stockings... she also got some foam soap which was a hoot.. wait for the pictures to come!
- Several stuffed animals!

We brought it into her and then left and she played with everything for probably about 45 minutes.

Then we took her out to the tree and It was a good year!
Lilly got from santa SEVERAL wooden toys. Including a table and chairs.. they have been her favorite of this christmas.
We gave her a bunch of toys, including a shape sorter which she loves.
Steve got me a car charger for my phone and my ipod.. maybe he is tired of me having dead electronics?? and a homedics back massager.. I sat on it for an hour the other night. It was amazing.
I got Steve a beard trimmer, a bunch of new clothes, and "the game of things". We got ourselves a few family gifts too.. Some Wii games and accessories, and the big gift to ourselves was and is a home theater surround sound system. Which is still somewhere in the mail system.. I'll be excited to get it!

It was such a great Christmas and I can't wait till next year to do it all over again! Thanks for all the gifts Family!

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