Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Long Time No Post

holy.... it's been a while.

Ready for excuses?

Finals kicked my butt... only in the dance department... finals does not consist of just 1 grueling week... but rather the entire last month of school is spent pulling your hair out getting ready for the last day of class... and then you get to party during finals week.. Here's what happened in school:

I PERFORMED!!! We had our concert and oh my goodness it was amazing! It was the first time Steve had ever seen me dance and it was the first time Steve had ever LIKED watching dance!

Our company got accepted to RDA to we will be going to Washington in May for the Ballet Festival! We'll perform there too!

I finished my comp and fundies class... hallelujah I don't have to retake them!

And I am getting ready for next semester, which... I know I'm crazy... will be probably even more intense than last. I'm taking 14 credits, and one of those classes is ANATOMY... oooo... it's really hard at UVU. But then I just get to take a lot of dance classes that will be a lot of fun and not a lot of homework... so excited!

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phayes said...

I'm so glad you finally got all this updated. I've been wondering for so long about the results of your dance. Love the information and the pictures.

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