Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Some pictures from our wonderful Thanksgiving getaway down to St. George

Sorry.. they are in no specific order and I'm too lazy to fix them! Brad took most of them with his new amazing camera... someday I will get one!
This is Wyatt playing with some branches on a hike that we went on. It was a beautiful photo!
Mom and Sarah. Love my mom and sis!
Me eating pumpkin pie... I must have devoured one whole pie while I was down there... but that seriously is the best thing about thanksgiving!
Lilly was such a daddy's girl while we were down there... she loves him so much!
The poor girl got pink eye over thanksgiving... I later got it and am still fighting it off...it's a booger.
Candid family portrait... Brad's a good photographer..
Beautiful girl..
Sexy hubby!
Sexy Hubby eating pie!
Super Hero's!
Love my mama
And the whole family together... well... minus Cas, Max, and Zach... Miss them all!

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