Friday, July 3, 2009

All by herself!

Yep... Lilly is trying SO freakin hard to stand up by herself. She loves it.. or maybe just loves my reaction when she does it! I love it but it's scaring me like crazy.. she's only 9 months old!

So just as a little update, Lilly had her 9 month appointment and she is now 16.36 pounds. Just barely fitting into size 3 diapers, and 27 inches tall. She is jabbering and crawling, and getting into everything and seriously the cutest girl you have ever seen! The doctor said that at about 10-10.5 months we can start transitioning her to whole milk... which scares me a little cause of allergies, but really excites me cause formula is so freaking expensive. He said that I don't even have to buy baby jar food anymore cause as long as what I am eating is small enough or mashed up enough, she can eat what we are eating! She loves her spaghettios and her mac & cheese! She loves bannanas and strawberry's and avacados and little peices of sandwhich, and she loves chicken, and REALLY loves rice. She likes her potatoes and she REALLY loves some Ice cream, although that is a rare treat. Lucky us, no allergies!
Steve is really hunting for a new job. He really hates working nights and we decided that when school starts it would probably be better for us all if he worked days. His job won't let him switch so he is on the hunt! If you of you hear of anything good opening up let us know.
I'm doing amazing. I had finals for some of my classes and I am pretty sure I did well. I'm still dancing, and now I'm taking a dance conditioning class, which I'm so excited for cause I need to lose the rest of my baby weight and more! I'm getting ready for my summer intensive in August and starting school again in the fall. (by the way if you haven't heard, Alexis and I worked it out so that I can still teach 1 day a week.... YAY!)


Heather Stott said...

love the video! she is too cute, and still so little, serisoulsy not even 17 lbs? William is 20! she is just going to be a little cuttie her whole life, lucky little thing! the dr said you can start transitioning to whole milk that early, wow, I didn't know that? but that IS exciting for you guys! how fun, I always love reading posts about lil.
and good luck steve on job hunting, i guess it's a good thing he doesn't HAVE to find something right away, but if you ever wanted to move down here you could go work where Brandon's working, :) love to have you closer!

The Slaters said...

I know 9 months sounds crazy for standing up but believe it or not that was about the time Caitlin started walking. By 10 months she was steady on her feet and ready to go. Tyler and Samantha were both 1 before they started walking but Caitlin is just always trying to keep up with her big sister and brother.

Kevin, Kelsey and Annalise.... said...

I can't believe the time we see you in a month she is going to be walking!!

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