Friday, July 17, 2009

2nd Anniversary!

Last Tuesday was Steve and I's 2nd Anniversary! Last year was my turn to plan our anniversary activities and so this year was Steves. I think that maybe since we got married on the luckiest day ever (7/7/07) our anniversary could be cursed or something! If you remember last year, all of my plans went down the drain.. go read it in the archives.. Well, Steve had WONDERFUL plans... they were so sweet! He took Lilly to Matt and Laurens while I got ready. He wasn't ready yet so I expected him to come home and have to get ready and then we would go after that. It took him a while to come back.. I couldn't figure out what he was doing. Finally I got a knock at the door. I went to answer it and it was Steve, looking very handsome! He had two big beautiful flowers... one for each year! He wanted to revisit our first date. It was so sweet! We went Lazer Tagging on our first date so we went there on our anniversary. We walked in and it was COMPLETELY empty. Not a soul was there except the guy that owned the place. It would be really stupid to play a game with just the two of us, so we decied to sit there and wait to see if more people would show up. Meanwhile we called a bunch of people to see if they wanted to come lazer tagging, but we couldn't get anyone to come. The owner got a call saying that he would have a group come in at 9.. it was 8 then. We decided to wait. We had a good time there.. it was actually pretty fun. We talked and ran around.. crackin jokes and giggling... the owner even let us play 3 free games of air hockey! Steve kicked my butt all three times. Finally 9 rolled around... no one showed.. 9:05... no one... 9:10... nada... finally at 9:15 we decided to call it and move on. We went to dinner at Macaroni Grill because Steve thought that on our first date we ate pasta... I had to ruin it for him and tell him that we didn't eat dinner on our first date... and that we didn't have pasta till a few weeks after we had been dating. It was still delicious! Our waiter was very kind! He gave us a cake and gave me a flower... it was very sweet! As for gifts, Steve bought us some really fancy sheets! Which was good cause we were still sleeping on the same nasty target ones that we bought when we were just barely married and completely broke! He got me a few other things too... and I got Steve.... drum roll please...... INCUBUS CONCERT TICKETS! It cost a pretty penny but Steve is really passionate about music and he hasn't been to a show since before I met him. I felt like it would be really good for him to indulge in his passion again! He was very excited about them!

Some Picture:

We were so sad... Nobody wanted to play with us!At Macoroni Grill the table cloth is paper and they have crayons so you can draw on the tables! I like this picture cause you can tell yet another disaster of the night. Steve was putting some balsamic vinegar in the oil for dipping bread when the top came off and balsamic went EVERYWHERE! It was pretty awesome!

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Jackie said...

Maybe you should have called me....we're always up for a game!

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