Sunday, July 26, 2009

8 Chompers

So our little baby is almost 10 months old already! She went from 2 teeth to 8 teeth in less than a month! Needless to say it's been a little bit of a crazy month! She's been very fussy and we would go crazy without our Orajel! It's gotten to where I will just cover one side of a Q-tip with Orajel and give it to her to chew on cause I don't know which tooth hurts! I think she may be getting in her molars soon too! Yay for teething!

So you can see here that 6 are all the way in and the two front teeth have finally broken through this week but they are a little harder to see!

Today we wanted to spend some time outside and we decided to take some pictures! Enjoy our beautiful girl!


Heather Stott said...

that picture of her teeth is kind of scary!! haha... but then the other pictures make up for it! she is SOO cute! and SOOO beautiful! loved them all! I can't believe how many teeth she has!!! can't wait to see you guys soon!!!!

Kevin, Kelsey and Annalise.... said...

I can't believe how old she is looking, they change so much when they are that little. Annalise was just getting her top two teeth in at that age (her third and fourth tooth), and she was still sitting around not moving.....Amazing how different they all are. I can't wait to see you guys on Monday!

Danielle Christiansen said...

wow! I cant believe all those teeth.
Email me about ballet camp please. I am not sure what you wanted to do with the girls!

The Slaters said...

She is so cute....I am so excited to see her this week. My kids didn't even start getting teeth until 9 months old but still managed to chomp those solid foods.

The Johnston Family said...

Oh my gosh, no way! you guys are now switching over to the student ward?? haha.... you should re-think that with us now comin' to the family ward ;) your pictures on here are so cute. I can't believe how grown up she is!

Despain said...

Wow...I love these pictures. Lily is so big and adorable!!

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