Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yeah Yeah Vegas!

Wow... I have a lot of catching up to do! Look out for several more posts coming soon! We had our Super-Duper-Extra-Fun-Holy-Weebers Stott Family Vaca!!! (I've been watching too many kid cartoons!) It was so much fun seriously! It was so nice to just hang out with Steve's family! We have so much fun! Now I have to warn that I was a very CRAPPY documentor of the vacation... so I probably won't tell you about all the things that went on during the vacation... but I'll see what I can remember!

We took family pictures.. they turned out REALLY nice! I was very happy we got Lilly to smile like this, especially cause she was screaming at the top of her lungs the whole time we were taking pictures except for these few moment they snapped the camera!
Ahh... we so sexy!

All o' da fam!

We went to the M&M factory and Steve was in Heaven! They had Maroon and Navy Blue M&Ms right next to eachother and those are Steves favorite colors!

Is it just me or is the Red M&M hitting on me?

We then took a trip to Paris after that... J/K.. maybe next year right Jolene?

We went onto the strip and we walked what seemed like FOREVER to go see the fountains at Bellagio, and then they told us that the fountains were canceled due to inclimate weather... cause it was a little windy.. Blah..

But later on in the week when the kids were in bed we went out and saw the fountains... it was beautiful it made JC (the big bearish looking dude ((JC is awesome btw))) cry cause it was so beautiful...

This, my friends... is $18.00 ice cream... well.. it was $18 ice cream. We *accidentally* bought it.. word to the wise... check the prices of EVERYTHING you buy in Vegas... or else you WILL get ripped off!

We went to a HUGE toy store in Vegas and Lilly had fun!

She watches Clifford the Big Red Dog every morning.. you think she wouldn't be so afraid!

Caesars Palace
Some other things that happened that I was horrible and didn't take pictures of:
-scavenger hunt on the strip... Freaking AWESOME!
-endless days in the pool and hot vegas sun... best part of the vacation was the pool.
-Golfing in the hot Mesquite sun (in my defense, I wasn't there so I couldn't take pictures of it)
-shopping at cool stores we couldn't shop at anywhere else like... old navy.. crap.
-tons of amazing food
-I made all the girls tutus! I did take LOTS of pictures of that but you'll have to go on my tutu blog to see those!
-We went to church!
-Steve learned a valuable lesson on gambling!
-We made 20 baby blankets and 40 burp cloths for the NICU where Annalise was born.
-We celebrated lots of birthdays and anniversaries
I'm just going to leave a dash here to symbolize the fact that I know I'm missing a ton of stuff..
Anyway... It was very very nice to have a little bit of a break before life started again!

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