Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Zoo

On Saturday we went to the Hogle Zoo with some friends in our new ward! It was so nice of them to invite us! We had such a good time looking at all the animals! We started out at the big black wet ball right in the front of the zoo.. incidentally it was probably Lilly's favorite part!

They have a carousel you can ride on for $2! Since we strongly feel that life is more about experiences than money... we of course had to go on it!

Lilly loved seeing the monkeys! We made so many monkey noises that by the end of the day she had started to imitate them as well!

This is an elephant in the background but you can't really see it cause she is covering it!

She was COMPLETELY mesmerized by the turkeys cause they were just walking around on the sidewalk.. she wouldn't stop looking at them!

We went to a bird show there and although it was really hot and you weren't allowed to stand up during the show and Lilly was tired and hungry through the whole thing... it was still really cool. If you make a donation the bird takes it from you and puts it in the donation box for you! Lilly had to try it!

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Kevin, Kelsey and Annalise.... said...

Annalise loved animals from a very young age, it is fun to go to the zoo with the kids. We are going on Monday for Annalise's birthday,she is very excited.

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