Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Car Troubles....

Ok... our cars are the epitomy of our stress right now! We currently own 3 cars... 1 is working at the moment.

We have the Yukon. It was a great car for a LONG TIME. It has major transmission problems and has reached the point at which fixing would cost more than the car is worth.. it just needs to be junked. Now, I am all for calling a junkyard and having them come pick it up tomorrow.. but Steve on the other hand is not ready to give up his baby. It has (apparently) a really nice sound system in it and he can't let it go with it in the car, but he doesn't know how to take it out and Best Buy won't do it for him. I keep pushing him to figure it out, but I think he's just feeling a little nostalgic about letting his car go.. which I understand!

We have my car, a Suzuki Aerio SX... never heard of it? Me neither till I bought it. A little advice.. if nobody knows anything about a car you are thinking of buying... DON'T BUY IT! I was dumb and thought that no news is good news.. and that I was getting a really good deal, but that's not really the case. It has had some RIDICULOUS problems and it's been hard to fix even just regular things on it because nobody has the parts. Currently it is our only running car, but it  needs some work on the breaks VERY soon.

We have a Honda Accord... Now this car is a champ! We love it! It's fairly new to us, but it's been VERY reliable for us so far! It is older than the suzuki so there are things that are going out on it just because of age, but I would expect that... Right now it's the starter that needs replacing which is what Steve is working on right now. Wish us luck with it!! We really like having 2 working cars!

2 working cars = more sleep!
Steve fixed the car!!! It's running now and I'm so proud of my husband! He fixed it all by himself! YAY!

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Nicole said...

nice! Yeah.... car troubles is the WORST.

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