Saturday, March 6, 2010

We're Staying... *sigh*

So our contract is up in our current apartment and we have been dead-set on moving up until Thursday.

The thing is that this place is so small! We seriously have NO storage and it's just difficult to live here. The rent is amazing... we are totally getting a good deal, but it's just SO small! We have neighbors, and they usually aren't a problem for us, but we would really like to turn up our music really loud, or watch a sweet movie that blows your ears out, but we can't because Lilly's room is so close to the sound system and our neighbors would complain. We wanted to move to a place with no shared walls and we even put in an application for a place on Thursday... and then as we were driving home we started to rethink it.

When we moved into this apartment, we were in quite a bit of debt and I was about to quit my job to be a mommy. We moved to this apartment because it was cheaper and space wise it was ok and we would be able to save a little money and get out of a lot of debt. We did that. Our position now is a LOT better than it was when we moved in here because we aren't paying a ton in rent! The new place we wanted was going to be about $200 more per month and although we can afford that... it's just too difficult to say goodbye to that much money when we could be using it for other things. Our apartment is small but we have dealt with it for the last 2 years and we can do it for 1 more. We aren't planning on having any other additions to our family in the next year so as long as we don't become major hoarders we aren't going to completely grow out of this place. We are being responsible... (bleh... sometimes I hate being responsible.) 

So instead of putting down an $800 deposit, we are going to spend a little money and get our apartment to it's maximum space saving efficiency and it still needs to be a beautiful place too so we are going to start renovating soon... first thing ( I hope to do it tonight) Lilly needs new crib bedding. I'm gonna make them myself. It doesn't look too difficult and I'm not afraid of diving into something and learning along the way.

Here are some other things I want to do.
* Light gray slipcovers for both couches
*Fabric Panels for the walls
*Paint picture frames for color and find a place for them all!
*Painting our furniture
*organizational tools for what little closet space we have
*Mount cabinets on walls (we've had these for probably 6 months and they are being used, but they are just stacked on the floor.
*Get rid of computer desk (we don't use it.)
*Figure out solutions for Entertainment center/bookshelves
*redo lilly's room almost completely including painting furniture and new bedding and wall art. (this is EXTREMELY exciting to me!)

There are others I'm sure but we'll start with these.. I think it will be fun to do and I love crafts and projects so I'll keep you updated on how these things go! And if any of you have ideas or anything please feel free to let me know!

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Roy and Angie Smith said...

I remember when we lived there every six months or so I would go through closets and get rid of stuff that I hadn't touched in forever. That helped keep the amount of crap we had out of the little space.

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